Thursday, May 05, 2011

Homicide in Willow Creek

A Willow Creek man and his father got into a gunfight last night while defending the man’s home from burglars. Both men were shot in the exchange; the father, 50, was killed. - The Journal

The Sheriff's office site has not been updated in a while.
4/28 is the last date posted at this time

UPDATE: victim remembered as a “wonderful father” and an “upstanding man”


  1. This is sad.

    It also points to Mr. Sundbergs first big issue he has to deal with and it has nothing to do with land use. Law enforcement funding and safety in the sprawling fifth district. We hear warnings of closing the McK substation and it is well known the lack of law enforcement presences from Willow Creek to Orleans.

    This funding should be his first priority.

  2. Yes, and it should be the priority of all of the supervisors. With out public safety, we have nothing. In the budget process it should be #1.


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