Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sorry, there will not be a Bebop & Brew in 2003.



  1. AND there will be no "blogspot.com" postings after 11 MAY 2011.

    Probably an Anon's nefarious scheme.

  2. Yeah, they've been down all day yesterday and now today as well.

    I'm assuming they will be back up - but it is good reason to have a backup plan.

    I'm also now into complaining or bashing on them, I figure they're working hard to fix it and we all enjoy this FREE service, so we don't have much room to complain LOL.

  3. And, lo and behold - it appears service has been restored!

  4. Yes Rose, it's hard to complain about a free service. Occasionally I have to remind myself of that, especially when Craigslist deletes my ads!

    All the comment threads are lost now I think. They say they are working to restore them, but I don't see how they can without wiping out the newer comments. Damn computers! I won't really miss anon's nasty drivel though. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise?

  5. The main one hurting is Althouse - her blog is so big, it seems they have lost her entire thing - and they are working to restore it...

    For while today she was posting on a back up blog
    Blogger wasn't very helpful


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