Saturday, May 21, 2011

Salzman in the news, suing the City. Hasn't he cost us enough?

1 - Lost Coast Outpost
Plaintiff Richard Salzman is, and at all times mentioned ..... Please take notice that Mr. Richard Salzman, a resident of, and taxpayer within, the City ...

Salzman Sues Arcata Over Panhandling Law | Blogthing | North Coast ...
Political activist/consultant/sign maker Richard Salzman (above right) filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court yesterday against the City of Arcata, ...

Arcata Resident Sues City Over Panhandling Ordinance | News Channel 3
Richard Salzman filed what his lawyer is calling a "tax payers suit," alleging the city's panhandling ordinance is unconstitutional. ...


  1. The city had many chances and warnings to amend the ordinance. I think if the Council just got on it and amended it the lawsuit would most likely be dropped. End of cost.
    It's up to the City Council to decide how much is enough. Who knows how much they are willing to spend?

    When you say cost us, I infer that you are talking about Salzman's involvement in the DA's re-election and how you feel that has cost the County in many ways. We all know you have strong opinions about that but I think this panhandling ordinance will be amended because it is unconstitutional. I think that Salzman is doing the right thing.

  2. Other cities have similar ordinances, Tom. They've yet to be found unconstitutional...

  3. Salzman won't know the right thing if it bit him in the ass. He just wants the attention. Major asshole. Always was one, has always acted one.


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