Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The real story here might be

A Times-Standard reporter and a photographer were at the Board meeting.

Both. Wow. No TIVO this time.

Richardson Grove protesters arrested for disrupting supervisors' meeting

When board Chairman and 3rd District Supervisor Mark Lovelace asked for public comment on the board's consent calendar during the meeting, several people got up from their seats and began singing, “No road widening through Richardson Grove” and, “We are the people and the people say, 'No....' ”The protesters, who oppose the U.S. Highway 101 road realignment project, sat in a circle in the middle of the room and held hands as they sang. They wore matching T-shirts with the phrases “RICHARDSON GROVE ACTION NOW 7076027551” and “NO ROAD WIDENING, CANCEL THE PLAN!” printed on them.... Deputies once again cleared the room. A Times-Standard reporter and a photographer attempted to remain in the chambers to observe sheriff's deputies' interactions with the protesters, but were told to leave.... They refused and were disruptive. After about 20 minutes, several protesters were removed from the room in wheelchairs by deputies. Some walked out. The protesters, their hands cuffed, continued singing as they were wheeled and escorted from the chambers.

Godsey said Tuesday afternoon that Kim Starr, 39, of Eureka; Gavin Wise, 34, of Eureka; Peter Camacho, 25, of Eureka; Jason Proulx, 30, of Trinidad; Emily Gimeno, 31, of Eureka; and Jeff Musgrave, 32, of Trinidad, would be released on their own recognizance.

C'mon, this whole thing has turned into a ridiculous circus. It is kinda funny that Mark is having to deal with it though. Maybe he can have a chat with his friend Ken.


  1. Rose, you need a job

    No, really, you do

    -Seek help-

  2. Awww, c'mon - don't you see the irony? Lovelace having to have Ken Miller's compatriots arrested?

    And surely you've noted the LACK of condemnation he receives, as opposed to the attacks on Jimmy Smith just a short time ago.

    You guys profess to be all about "equality" but you never are really for equality. Animal Farm. Pure and simple.

    Your lecture, btw, is more appropriately applied to THIRTY-SOMETHING protestors.

  3. It's pathetic. I mean protesting to save old growth trees is one thing but protesting to save seedling trees and roots which everyone but enviros it seems know grow rapidly, they have to, so any cut roots will grow back to help stabilize the trees above, that's their job besides pumping nutrients and water up the trunk. But since there's no corporate logging target handy this time, enviros are trying to make the most out of the little substance issue they've got.

  4. I used to walk every day to work at Harksook Inn through Richardson Grove and at first I too wasn't happy to learn about the Cal-Trans road widening. But the actual plan for tree removal is dealing with little seedling trees and the enviro response is just people grasping for anything to make a cause and their lives somehow more meaningful thereby as well as the enviro professionals and their orgs making money out of the deal.

  5. Rose and these protestors all have something in common

    They're all not employed!

    Get a job, all of you! Quit the whining!

  6. The whining protestor doesn't recognize housework as a job. Get a clue before telling others to get a job.

  7. I do the majority of the housework at my home

    Does that mean I technically have two jobs?


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