Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mr. Lovelace -- How about you focus on the 3rd?

Jonathan Speaker's Word: Mr. Lovelace -- How about you focus on the 3rd?


  1. Rose, who do you support for the nomination for the North Coast Coastal Commission seat?

  2. Well I got news for you. It is not an election. Who Rose supports is irrelevant, unless she is an elected official. In fact the only opinion that really matters is the Governor's. Zanzi was Schwarzenegger's choice. They serve at the pleasure of the Governor. Brown tossed him. Lovelace will get it.

  3. Eh - it's a fair question. I would support someone like Mark Wheetley - smart, knowledgeable, not beholden and not working to accomplish a predetermined agenda. Middle of the road, not partisan.

    Not someone who will sell his own mother down the river in order to advance politically. (Mark Lovelace)

  4. Lovelace needs to keep his eye on the ball as supervisor. He should finish at least ONE term before abandoning his constituents for a higher office.

    How can he justify asking the people who just elected him to sign a petition to boot him upstairs?

  5. There is many problems with the CCC. IT should be by election, not by appointment. They should have to get reelected, not serve till they die. The biggest thing is the CCC is redundant, causing delay, and additional cost to good projects. Get rid of it, saving money for tax payers, helping people, and businesses in California.


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