Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Plans to accrue "progressive" power


  1. What does God think the Republican's should do about it?

  2. Do you teach your children to default on their student loans?

    You're a fool if you think this is bout Republicans.

  3. Don't worry God will save us

    Just ask Glenn

  4. Right. Make fun of Glenn. Don't address the point, and don't deal with what this guy said.

    You did listen to the tape right? You recognize the meme? It's already been implemented "We are not broke." Who said that? Who started spreading it and laying the groundwork? It's been in the news, look it up.

  5. But Rose, don't you get it? Our savior will save us all. There is no reason to worry.

    Just live your life. Smile once in awhile! Give someone a hug today!

  6. There's a message being sent Rose. Believe it!


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