Friday, March 18, 2011

And Thaddeus didn't burst out laughing?

Budget battle continues in Sacramento: Legislature approves cuts, GOP proposal has some environmental groups worried - Times-Standard

How can Chesbro say this - “It is disappointing that so many of our Assembly Republican colleagues who keep saying they want to reduce the size of government are unwilling to join us in voting to make necessary cuts.” - with a straight face? have you SEEN any attempts to make the necessary cuts? NO. All you hear is we should raise taxes. And look what his party is doing to the Governor of Wisconsin. Where they really did make the tough choices. The Republicans there needed a police escort to get to work while the Democrats fled the state, hiding out in a resort rather than work on the tough cuts. California has to face reality and you will see them take the coward's way out - choosing to finagle a way to declare bankruptcy in order to get out from under the Union contracts, rather than dealing with it honestly.


  1. What the Republicans did in Wisconsin was deemed illegal by a judge. They would have known that before they voted if they would have listened to their Democratic colleagues. They got all the concessions they wanted on cuts and contributions from the unions but they only want the unions to be broken. They will take another vote, this time with the 24 hour notice as is required by Wisconsin law and they will take what little dignity the union workers have left.

    I don't think that Jerry Brown wants to preside over a bankrupt state. I think he and the democrats will do all they can to avoid that including massive cuts and raising taxes. The republicans would like the state to go bankrupt in order to break the unions and the state. Republicans don't like workers or government. Look at Michigan. They are setting up a giveaway of the cities, counties and commons to their corporate buddies. That is the republican way.

  2. You gotta give up the MJ, Tom.

  3. Your California Republican party Rose

  4. Yep, which is why you thinking they all walk in lock-step it so silly. We don't have a Scott Walker - the Dems beat Arnold to a bloody pulp and prevented any spending cuts when it could have been less painful. Even now Chesbro and Evans - and brown spend more time smearing Republicans than figuring our how to save the state. Chesbro saying Republicans won't make the necessary cuts is ludicrous given his positions over the years where he had ample opportunity to prevent this, and did not. He and others like him are why the state is facing bankruptcy - so you go ahead and play your little partisan games, anonymous. While he continues to preside over the decline of the state.

  5. No cuts, really? Well what are those pink slips the schools handed out last week. Brown's budget proposed 12.5 billion in cuts, half of the deficit.

    Pesky facts Rose. I know it doesn't fit your spin.

    "The governor wants...$12.5 billion in spending cuts, to help close the state's $26.6 billion deficit." You're just pissed that Whitman lost so she could not try and bring Wisconsin here to California. Rose this is a Democratic state. They won all statewide offices, and not one Democrat lost their congressional seat. Get over it.

  6. Sorry Anon, but we hear that BS every single year. Every single year we lose teachers. Budget cuts, while the state takes more and more from the counties, and spends more and more and more.

    Yeah, this time it's serious, sure, sure, sure. And yeah, they'll make noise about making cuts in order to justify raising taxes, and then go right back to spending more than they have.

    On what, we don't know - because when the cuts come around it's always threatened to the things people care about that should be the base - police, fire, schools and roads. Scare tactics and thuggery - Arnold tried to make cuts and was met with the thuggery, the distorted ads, and the asleep at the wheel electorate bought it - so cuts that would have been less painful, not made, have led to a dire situation.

    Brown knows it - and in theory he has nothing left to lose. He doesn't need the party's good will, he's done, he doesn't have to kow-tow, he CAN act as Scott Walker has, and do what needs to be done. And unlike Walker he will not get death threats, because he is a dem - but so far, all we're seeing is Brown and Chesbro and Evan continuing the bash on those pesky Republicans. You know, the ones who ARE holding out for those tough cuts.

    Brown doesn't need them to go along. He's got a majority.

    And Chesbro is and has been part of the problem and he is not part of the solution.

    "not one Democrat lost their congressional seat" - exactly right - the voters put the same worthless culls that brought their state to its knees back in power. And they will pay the price. Sadly.

  7. And, BTW - they have the chance to prove me wrong. But they won't.

    Really solving the problem means dealing with some root issues - like the unfriendly business climate in this state, resulting in companies leaving for better pastures, that's number one, and really dealing with the problem doesn't mean raising taxes and fees, and really dealing with the problem means doing exactly what they just did in Wisconsin (and other states that aren't getting the same hate and attention that Wisconsin is getting.)

    In another country, legislators who have done the damage our in California have would commit seppuku in penance, but here they just sling blame at the opposing party and play musical chairs.

  8. In Washington State, they are making the tough cuts: Gregoire budget would slash programs, cut $4 billion

    The proposed cuts the governor announced Wednesday are unprecedented. No corner of the budget appeared untouched.

    State Arts Commission, gone.

    State Tourism Office, gone.

    The Basic Health Plan, which provides subsidized insurance for the 66,000 working poor, gone.

    Also eliminated: Disability Lifeline, a program that provides cash payments to thousands of disabled poor; programs for gifted students in public schools; McNeil Island Corrections Center; and the Maple Lane School for juvenile offenders in Rochester.

    Tuition at colleges and universities would continue to increase at a double-digit pace to partially offset across-the-board cuts.

    Money for state parks from the operating budget — a major source of overall parks funding — would be nearly eliminated in two years. Park visitors would pick up a larger share of the tab....

    "This is a budget that is meant for the worst economic downturn in eight decades. It uses the word 'eliminate' about 80 times," Gregoire said at a news conference.

    The Governor's Office projects the cuts would result in the loss of around 3,800 full-time equivalent job positions in public schools, higher education and state agencies.

    Overall, the proposed budget closes a projected $4.6 billion shortfall in the next two-year budget — which runs through June 2013 — with nearly $4 billion in cuts and suspended initiatives, plus about $680 million from reserves and raiding accounts outside the state general fund....

    Gregoire's proposal would spend about $32.4 billion. That's expected to be tens of millions less than the current budget, even after efforts to cuts costs this fiscal year. The governor's budget would leave $881 million in reserves. (Just so you can compare numbers)

    No writhing protests or death threats in Washington State. I wonder why...


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