Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cut the BS,

Here we go again Times Standard editorial
"...the Legislature needs to start working together..."

Working together is fine if it means cutting spending - period. Our legislators got us into this mess and it is up to them to bite the bullet and FIX IT. It's being done in all the other states, Washington State, and Wisconsin most visibly... it's painful, but their actions have led us to this point.

"Working together" seems to mean "Republicans should agree to let us raise taxes so we can keep on spending" and that is NOT GOING TO SOLVE ANYTHING.

Why do you not understand this?

Stop asking Wes Chesbro softball questions and start holding that man - and his fellow travelers - ACCOUNTABLE for what they have done.


  1. Yuk

    You could have learned alot from Chris Crawford Rose

  2. Rose, do you think funding for Planned Parenthood should be completely cut?

  3. I support Planned Parenthood - and I think everything should be cut.

    If every program takes a small hit, you save programs.

    But aren't you sick of this dance? How many years have we heard the same refrain - budget woes, big cuts, counties fear, departments brace, politicians preen and pontificate but solve nothing, kick the can down the road....

    Well, here we are, Wes, you've kicked the can as far as you can and it's still here. Only now, there's a landfill full of them and they're leaking toxic sludge that threaten your entire state with bankruptcy.

    Our legislators, especially those who have been in state government for umptillion years, playing the musical chairs game, should be sanctioned for the toxic mess they have created.

    That's what I think, anonymous who doesn't have the courage of his/her convictions. the time when small cuts might have made a difference and saved us from what is to come has passed.

    It's time you held the guilty parties accountable.

    Meanwhile, look to Washington State, where they are making draconian cuts, and Wisconsin and so many other states where people are owning up to the mistakes and taking action to correct the problem.

  4. In your opinion, how much of a budget cut should the Department of Defense take?

  5. Should we be considering budget cuts to the Department of Defense given the status of the Middle East?


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