Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paul Gallegos and Derek Bowman, redux - watch this one.

Multi-agency effort leads to arrest of parolee at large in Arcata

Three people were arrested Monday after a multi-agency search for a parolee at large ended at a gas station in Valley West in Arcata.

Derek Bowman, 29, was arrested by officers with California Highway Patrol after the Eureka Police Department asked for assistance in locating Bowman, who failed to report to his parole officer. Bowman is on parole in connection to an armed robbery in Fortuna, said CHP officer Paul Dahlen.

Officers also arrested two people who were in the car with Bowman at the time, and reported finding a small amount of methamphetamine in the vehicle, Dahlen said.

Georgina Archambault, 29, was arrested and charged with possession of a hypodermic syringe, possession of burglary tools and a violation of probation. Officers also arrested Nachel Black, 32, for an outstanding warrant, said Dahlen.

Scanner traffic at the time reported a fourth suspect who fled the scene on foot, possibly with a firearm, but Dahlen said that officers on scene did not verify the reports.

Multi-agency effort leads to arrest of parolee - Humboldt Beacon
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Remember Derek? Whose nine felonies were swooped up and dismissed on a single day AFTER his parents, using the Tribe's money, gave Gallegos ten grand+ for his re-election campaign? After his parents, whose OTHER son MURDERED another Native American, stood on the Courthouse steps calling Gallegos' opponent, Worth Dikeman, a racist. (Worth put their other son away.)

What will Gallegos do this time? DECEMBER 13, 2006
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Oh Great. Inmate escapes from county mental health facility in Eureka
BREAKING NEWS - Derek Bowman Back In Custody AUGUST 14, 2007

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(note: Eureka Reporter articles are no longer available online - but hard copies are available - if you are a reporter who finally pays attention to this travesty - the info is out there.)

You're still left with $11,100 and a publicity stunt given to Paul Gallegos, and Bowman getting out from under all charges against him, free to return to his job as Bear River Casino surveillance (security).

That's Paul Gallegos making our communites safer. (That was in 2006)

Is he still working at Bear River Casino?


  1. This will an interesting one to watch. I would imagine Gallegos is still smarting from coming so close to losing his position this past November. And didn't he loan his campaign several thousands of dollars? That will probably cut down on the vacations this year.

    How much did Bear River Casino "donate" this past election ????????

  2. It's the tribe and individuals, including their attorney, I don't believe the Casino itself donates.

    Enough that Bowman continues to get away with it - we'll see how Gallegos explains sweeping these things under the rug.

    "Not enough evidence" - maybe. Or a 'how dare you question our judgement' kind of thing. Eh, Ben?

    And when it finally makes national headlines, and people ask, how did this guy continue to get reelected, what's wrong with the people in Humboldt County, I am sure you guys will have a good answer.

  3. Well Rose, you keep on spinning. Lets roll some facts though. Paul Gallegos recused himself from the Derek Bowman case back in 2006. He left the final decision to Wes Keat. The person that made the decision was Max Cardoza. He had publicly endorsed Worth Dikeman. He even worked on his campaign. He even wrote a letter defending his decision in the case with Bowman. It was published in the newspapers. He said Gallegos had nothing to do with it. So are you calling him a liar. A real conspiratorialist might say he gave that deal knowing it would embarrass Gallegos. The following year, Bowman was sent to Prison, against his wishes.

    Now the new case. It indicates that he had failed to maintain contact with his Parole Officer. His parole can be violated for up to one year for that offense. Guess what role the DA plays in that decision? Nothing. Go ahead and spin your stories. It might look better if you actually had some facts and law on your side. You don't. I will say that, since Tucson your vitriolic hate has receded, and this website has become just more general criticism, and you executing your First Amendment rights.

  4. What does Tucson have to do with anything in Humboldt County? What a joke.

    And, 10:58, I have posted EVERY single piece of information published about that - including Cardoza's claims - for what it is worth what people say publicly and what is said privately are two different things, and sooner or later people will stand up and speak, threats not withstanding.

    In the meantime, case after case - and you have been shown - the bad guys are let out and out and out and they reoffend and reoffend until sooner or later its egregious enough that it cannot be ignored anymore. And even then you will make excuses.

  5. Paul did not recuse himself or his office. He had his underling at will attorney who he could fire at a whim make the decision which comported with the pay off. That is not a recusal at all. He should have sent it to the AG. Now that is a recusal. And Cardoza neither supported Dikeman nor worked on his campaign. Pathetic attempt at a spin here.

    And just you wait to hear what Bowman said about Gallegos when Bowman was arrested. That'll be a screamer.

    Yes, after the dismissal of 9 felonies, Bowman was rearrested for armed robbery and got the mitigated term because Gags' hands were tied. But the minimum he could give him, thats what was bought and paid for by Dad Bowman.

  6. Oh and by the way he is just being held on a parole hold. It was another armed robbery that got him arrested. Lets see if the Dumbass DA files on the robbery. Me thinks NOT.

  7. @ 9:15; Nope the article says that Bowman is a Parolee at Large. That is one of those parole rules which can get you more custodial time, but is not a new law violation. The article refers to his parole commitment offense. That is what he went to Prison for. There will be no new filing by the DA. Probably not even a parole violation, as the state is going broke and can't violate people's parole any more. So wrong again.
    @ 9:13; Cached versions of Worth Dikeman's website include an endorser; Max Cardoza in 2006. So darn those pesky facts!

  8. Anybody got any info on the status of the Attempted Murder charge. Seemed like there was a similar situation w/ a Mr. Coen from Fortuna facing the exact same charge and his name was in the paper every time he had a court appearance. Bowman? Nothing. Arrested and nothing else to be seen or heard from the local papers or tv stations. Prob won't see his name in the paper until he is running loose and wanted again.


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