Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Mr. Lovelace founded Healthy Humboldt"

Mr. Lovelace founded Healthy Humboldt

Uh. Really, Mr. Latt? Wanna try again?



  1. I don't know about "founding" Healthy Humboldt but he used to speak for that group at the Planning Commission.

  2. Go get em' tea partiers, get em!

  3. Really, oh my god. There is only one thing that we have to do. I mean now. We better do it in a hurry. We have to change the name of this blog to

    Oh damn, it's not available.

  4. No. But Lovelace, and his incarnations as Humboldt Watershed Council, Healthy Humboldt etc. have been a big part of the story here. Now he's a County Supervisor wanting to climb further up the ladder, and use the California Coastal Commission's to further his longstanding agenda - INFILL, cram everyone into apartment high-rises, city-like conditions, everything people come here and stay here to avoid. (Except of course he likes Forster-Gill)

    The unregulated orgs. Ken Miller the big boss/puppetmaster. Mark pretending to be just another interested citizen, really getting paid for his efforts, just no one knew.

    So, ket's hear the correction - I'm giving Latt a chance here.

    I'll help you get started: Girard and Kathy Moxon created the concept of the Deliberative Dialog, as a joint partnership between Hum Co and HAF. Attendees were originally to be invitees only. The invite list was heavy on the developer/real estate agent side.

    HELP was formed just before the release of the Sketch Plans - they released their Plan H the same day the Sketch Plans were released.

    Healthy Humboldt was a group of people who...


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