Monday, January 24, 2011

A whole new world of predatory lawsuits

Climate Change, Unlimited Liability, and the End Of Capitalism
...These lawsuits seek to introduce the concept of unlimited liability into our already shaky economy – the notion that American companies can be held liable for damages based on the whims of the same anti-capitalist “scientific community” that has already been caught falsifying data. They could even be soaked for gigantic damages over events in distant lands, as the priesthood throws its statistical chicken bones and declares this tsunami or that blizzard to be a result of “global warming” caused by whichever American companies still have pockets left to pick....

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  1. Don't go against science. It's like saying all district attorneys are bad because Paul is bad. Paul is definitely bag for Humboldt, but not all DAs are incompetent.

    Climate change is as much a fact as anything can be a fact, unless you've been duped by rightwing pundits who are pushing a financial agenda, not reality.


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