Saturday, November 27, 2010

Meth advocate Ellen Taylor is back...

Reflections on the Northwest Warfare Training Complex
She doesn't seem to understand that not only is the Navy separate and distinct from someone who works in river restoration, but really, Ellen, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Have you missed all the restoration that has been going on? She also brings up the Patriot Act, so if you see her, you might ask her about the TSA situation. Is that a violation of our Bill of Rights too, Ellen?


  1. "Have you missed all the restoration that has been going on?"
    Slam the messenger, eh?
    Comments like this appear to simply be more knee-jerk anti-enviro/prog/etc. hatred.

    Someone who cares writes a letter and your 1st response is to call her a 'meth-advocate'?

    Look up some real numbers there Rose, and show me how well we are really doing at cleaning up the oceans and our watersheds. And the fact is, any progress in those areas are due to those nasty progs and enviros you love to hate so much.

    But we have a long way to go, and the military is rather well known for playing with some very deadly and expensive unproven toys. Its my coast too, and I have no problem with someone questioning the federal gov't. or the military.

  2. re 10:09
    You appear to be the knee-jerk hater, not Rose.
    1. The meth advocate label merely gives some idea of where Ellen Taylor's head is - see 2. Rose and others don't hate progs and enviros; we just dislike the ones who take credit for other people's hard work and pioneering efforts, and who slander anyone who doesn't buy their revisionist history.

  3. It's also under the mismanagement of such as Ellen Taylor that we see the collapse of the local peace movement; heck, she couldn't even bother to show her face at the Peace March this year in Eureka.

  4. Ellen Taylor makes Amy Goodman look diplomatic and considerate.


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