Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election results:

1st Report
Allison Jackson 58.21%
Paul Gallegos 41.63%
2nd Report
Allison Jackson 56.44%
Paul Gallegos 44.37%
3rd Report
Allison Jackson 53.97%
Paul Gallegos 45.82%
4th Report
Allison Jackson 52.11%
Paul Gallegos 47.66%
Final Report
Paul Gallegos 51.31%
Allison Jackson 48.39%


  1. The problem with this race was the mentality of the Humboldt voter. Those that voted for the incompetent incumbent voted not for law enforcement and prosecution, they voted for the prospect of leniency for their own probable criminal acts. Man I hate Humboldt County.

  2. Why is the TS calling Gallegos the "apparent victor?" When and where can we get reliable final results?

  3. It'll take weeks to count all of the late absentees and provisionals, but a thousand votes is pretty steep to make up in Humboldt County.

  4. Not the absentees Eric. They tend to be more middle of the road and conservative

  5. 12,960 Ballots Left to Count per NCJ

  6. Watch for the provisionals Cap. Bet they are hSU and there will be problems. Dual registrions? Signatures not matching? There had better be someone to oversee that as Salzman has a shitty reputation.

  7. Not the absentees Eric. They tend to be more middle of the road and conservative

    Hank Simms noted otherwise with late absentees back in the Bohn/Kerrigan race when Kerrigan's numbers actually improved in the post-election counting of late absentees. I have been paying attention to the counts in each election ever since, and the late absentees tend closer to precinct voting than early absentees. I guess liberals tend to procrastinate more.

    The latest example was Bonnie and Virginia in June. Virginia's supporters were hoping that the late count would push her over 50. It actually pulled her back a little.

    The D.A.'s race is probably over. Kuhnel/Newman and Cleary/Sundberg however, those could potentially get interesting.


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