Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How did James Faulk get out of jail?

Looks like he may have to go back in.

Former T-S City Editor Arrested For Heroin Possession Oct 27 - out already. What's it gonna take?


  1. Maybe if he had cut down an old growth redwood the situation would be taken seriously.

  2. What's this -- random, unsubstantiated slander?

    Gotta say: Put up or shut up.

  3. Nope, Hank. It should be in your fully substantiated police log.

  4. James Faulk needs help, rehabilitation and compassion from his friends and the community, not jail time. California could save a lot of money that is currently wasted on prisons if we did a better job of making the distinction between violent offenders and those who simply need help.

  5. James Faulk needs to go to f'ng jail. He's a big boy and he knew what he was doing. If he is actuall addicted it didn't happen overnight, he had to work at it.

    He can go to rehab after about six months in jail.

    Poor little James. He is helping to fund the violence on the border. He needs to be treated like anyone else in the same situation. He was a reporter with the T/S! So what. He should know better.

    And to believe people he worked with didn't see he had some kind of problem, sure you bet.

  6. Then you better take away the keys, Andy.

    Because someone is going to get hurt. And THAT person won't be getting any of your help and compassion now will they?

  7. Yes, if only we had some form of mandatory diversion or mandatory treatment! Oh wait, we do. PC 1000 and PC 1210 (i.e. Prop. 36). That's probably why he's out, most courts will O.R. defendants on Prop. 36 eligible cases because under Prop. 36 defendants can't be incarcerated. Which is also why there are only a tiny, tiny fraction of non-violent drug offenders in prison, and those guys usually have to blow through three or more revocations of probation before they get prison time.

  8. Regarding the elections ;
    says the, The flying ghost

    Looks like we’re going to have Hamburg with a few Pinches of Eyster for dinner . Ha Ho Hoo oo Ha Ha Hee tee He he Ha

  9. How did James Faulk get out of jail? He bailed out, he was OR'd, or released because the reports were not to the DA's office in a timely manner, or the DA's office got the reports and failed to file a complaint in a timely manner.

    Most likely Mr. Faulk was bailed out as is very common. This is America and everyone is entitled to bail unless they are a killer or have failed to appear in the past.

    Hope my opinions and comments meet with your approval

  10. To me, this just goes to show that everyone is vulnerable to addiction.


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