Saturday, November 27, 2010

Final results - four more years of Gallegos

At a glance: Final results in the November election

Paul V. Gallegos: 52.08 percent
Allison Jackson: 47.61 percent

Gallegos takes DA, Sundberg wins in the 5th; no changes from election night in city council races


  1. It's sad when incompetence is rewarded. The selection process for these positions should be based upon performance, not ideology.

  2. Don't worry. people know what he is now. He can't hide it anymore.

  3. Whoever he is Rose is apparently who the voters wanted. By operating this venomous website you and your Paul-haters have revealed who they are. Humboldt County rejected that vision for the 4th time. Deal with it.

  4. It's all your fault Rose

  5. Rose, they do know who he is. And in four elections they've chosen him, even in this very conservative leaning election. I know you don't like him or what he represents, but there does come a time where you have to accept that maybe the majority of the people in Humboldt County just don't see it your way.

    To quote another local blogger, "just sayin."

  6. 331 and 451:
    We are not the haters, you are the venomous ones. We are tired of your vicious attacks on good people who oppose the current corrupt and unethical regime. Thank goodness for Rose. She has helped to document it all. A slight majority of the people who bothered to vote won this contest, but they can't change the facts of the matter, in spite of all your attempts to substitute myths and ideology and slander for facts.
    The hypocrisy of these people is the most mind-boggling thing.

  7. It's no secret folks, he ain't running again in 2014, so your gnashing and such are rather wasted on hating Gallegos any further.

    That doesn't mean it's Jackson in a walk four years hence, though. Small problem with that -- her unanimous support from local cops makes her suspect amongst a slight majority of voters who would otherwise probably have pulled the eject lever on Gags otherwise.

    Eventually you're going to have to face the fact that there's a culture of good ol' boy corruption (or the appearance thereof) between the people and the police. Do you think we don't notice that every all-ages music venue in Arcata and Eureka inevitably get shut down by the powers-that-be? So long as this rotten attitude continues from your end, we're going to have little choice besides continuing to vote against you.

  8. On the bright side, Rose gets to keep her blog up and running for another four years!

  9. It's no secret folks, he ain't running again in 2014, so your gnashing and such are rather wasted on hating Gallegos any further.

    This is the first I've heard of it. I did here a similar rumor about 2010 a couple of years ago.

  10. Of course, what makes this extra-special is that Kamela Harris is now the AG! What's the new sheriff's policy on CCW?

  11. Eric wrote, This is the first I've heard of it..."

    Same here. I suspect they want to spread that rumor to try and set the opposition's mind at ease. Gallegos could never make as much money in private business as he can as D.A. I can't see him ever willingly giving up the office.

  12. To be re-elected in a state stupid enough to re-elect, "call me SENATOR" Boxer, and a tired old re-tread like Brown, isn't saying much.


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