Friday, November 19, 2010

Court hearing will determine progress in Bigleggins case

Court hearing will determine progress in child killing case
A court appearance today in a child killing case will determine whether the defendant is ready for a preliminary examination, in which the prosecution lays out its evidence.

The case against Leon Alyious Bigleggins, 25, has been progressing slowly, in large part due to a delayed autopsy report. Bigleggins is accused of killing 4-year-old Dylan Blount-Chambers in July at a residence near Titlow Hill outside Blue Lake.

An autopsy report found that the boy died from blunt-force trauma to his head and stomach. Bigleggins has been charged with murder, assault on a child and felony child abuse, to which he has pleaded not guilty....

Deputy District Attorney Kelly Neel said that her office has received additional discovery and has provided it to the defense. The hearing today will determine if the preliminary examination will proceed as previously scheduled on Dec. 1, Neel said.


  1. I get the feeling Kelly Neel is the acting DA.


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