Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"It's a bigger cliffhanger than who shot J.R."

Will there be final election results today? Nope, looks like Friday...
Humboldt County Elections Office to post results Friday
Staff has been sorting the nearly 13,000 remaining votes since last week. Crnich said the staff has been able to weed out 250 invalid votes from the 1,700 provisional votes that were cast on Election Day. Invalid ballots means the voters were not registered.
A few of the provisional votes are considered pending by the Secretary of State's office, and those may be included after Friday's numbers.


  1. Gallegos is DA. Watch Paul lives on.

  2. Like Dallas'8th season, when the results are finally revealed, Paul's entire term could be described as a dream or more aptly as nightmare which is finally over.

  3. A crazy drunken jealous woman shot J.R. Oh and J.R. lived just like Paul. Yeah Rose congratulations you get to keep your job as the spinmeister of hate.


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