Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Uh, that horse has already left the barn

...Despite laws that prohibit such behavior, the city says it's not going to stop the camping as long as the campers keep a low profile....
Homeless encampments temporarily set up at Eureka City Hall parking lot

So, the in-your-face setting up in your City Hall Parking Lot is "low profile"? Front page of the newspaper is low profile? Next thing you know the City has a new "Homeless Park" right there, with the City having to order porta-potties and bring in cooking facilities.

Sure raises lots of questions about City liability: How are they cooking? Propane stoves? Hibachis? What happens when one of them gets burned? Where are they going to the bathroom?

It also raises questions about who gets to decide he doesn't like the law and choose to not enforce the ones he doesn't like, while throwing the book at others. If you are going to ignore the law, repeal it. Otherwise, it is Nielsen's job to enforce it. Like it or not.


  1. Yeah, they should throw the book at those bums and teach em a lesson. And while they're at it they should arrest Betty Chin for feeding the homeless and encouraging them to hang around Eureka.

  2. Fuck you 9:28. What a turd. The city is looking at liability here and the residents will be paying for it come lawsuit time.

    I think Betty is a saint, but you are mixing apples with oranges here. As for arresting someone, how about you go to the klinker for being felony stupid.

  3. Apples and oranges are both fruit and if you give them to a begger for free they hang around, just like pigeons do when you feed them bread. Let Betty feed the hippies in Arcata so we'll be rid of all the bums.

  4. ”..Despite laws that prohibit such behavior, the city says it's not going to stop the camping as long as the campers keep a low profile....As long as they clean up after themselves and aren't causing a disturbance either for the city government or the surrounding businesses, we are not going to enforce that,”

    Translation: As these urban outdoorsmen lack any cash we could seize, we will ignore them and concentrate on seat belt violations and overtime parking.

    Is government great or what!

  5. Anyone else remember that about 2 years ago the homeless camped in front of Arcata city hall and in a couple city parks around town?

    The Arcata police removed them. Eureka? ...

    If the city wants to provide a campground, then do it. Do it properly and humanely. The old flea market building is large and sheltered from the elements.

    Whatever happened to action? Actually doing something? Instead this is how it happens, people just start camping at city hall and the police chief publicly encourages it by publicly stating that he will not enforcing the law.

    I have also heard stories from local homeless folks that the police have enforced these laws on private property (church property) without the landholders request. In fact, apparently against their wishes.

    This whole thing is BIZARRE!

  6. This is a complete reversal of city policy for decades. And by fiat of one guy. The city spent 100's of thousands of dollars to remove benches in Old Town in the early 90's because the homeless were taking naps during the day on them. So is it ok to camp overnight on any city property or just city hall?

    I smell some internal strife manifesting itself here through the unrelated homeless situation.

  7. Strife? - Ol' Garr wants to run for sheriff.

  8. You're joking! So we can have a new sex scandal breaking all over the front page of the paper?

    He has a job to do. Better do that first.

  9. I just think it's funny that this sort of thing won't stand in Arcata, but in Eureka it is now just fine to camp at city hall. Encouraged even.

  10. This is really a fumble by Nielson. The Arcata police had to rely on mutual aid, calling in University police, Eureka police, Sheriff, CHP and maybe even Fortuna police to evict these people. It was a process that took up a good portion of the summer. I suppose that since it is winter right now, that Eureka city hall won't get the crowds. But I don't think Nielson realizes what a potential shit storm this could be.

  11. He knows exactly what he is doing. He has been very vocal about how the city should construct a ghetto, er, campground for the homeless. He is trying to improve relations between the police and the homeless. And a side benefit is that the city manager might step in some poop in the morning when he gets out of his Audi.

  12. Neilsen is trying to make life difficult for Tyson.

  13. A bum came into my neighborhood today, pawing through my neighbors' garbage cans and recycle bins.

    This is the first bum in about three years who has done this.

    Did the Chief of Police send a signal that laws will no longer be enforced in Eureka? Is this the first baby step toward anarchy?

    No, I'm probably just being an alarmist.


  14. GO GARR GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Declare open season on the homeless. Buy a box of bullets and have at it.


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