Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh the irony...

City of Eureka: Claims will be thrown out
...Reached Tuesday, former Eureka City Councilman Chris Kerrigan said he and sitting Councilman Larry Glass met with Hansen at some point in or around the summer of 2008, while Kerrigan was still in office.

”She did talk with and meet with both Larry and I, and her concerns were not only about the city manager but about her situation with the police force,” Kerrigan said, declining to discuss the details of Hansen's concerns. “My recollection was that it encompassed both: her concerns with the city manager and her concerns with her own workplace environment. I do recall that the city attorney was notified, and if it wasn't (Hansen) it was myself who, as the next step, talked to the city attorney.”

Glass confirmed Tuesday that he attended the meeting with Hansen and Kerrigan, but declined to go into any details....


  1. My favorite was Connie Miller's letter to the editor today. You can tell from her words that she's still fuming from her humiliating loss to Kerrigan in 2000.

  2. I don't see anything about her losing to little blowjob boy: The last three Eureka City Council meetings have been well attended by community members voicing their overwhelming support of the cleanup of the Balloon Track and the building of the Marina Center project. Many people have expressed deeply emotional opinions about the subject. It has been democracy in action.
    What has disappointed me has been watching the leadership of the opposition sit and openly snicker at and mock the testimony of the supporters as if we are dumb rural hayseeds who crawled out from under a rock to appear before our city council to give our opinion about our community. Yes, we are emotional about the place where we have raised our children, worked hard to grow our businesses and volunteered our time to help our community.
    The leadership of Humboldt Baykeepers, EPIC, Northcoast Environmental Center and other radical environmentalists were aptly described by Council member Frank Jager as “extortionists” who support themselves by suing the “doers” of our communities. I would further describe them as arrogant. I heard no expert testimony on their side to match the Ph.D. biologist with decades of experience in brownfield cleanup or the engineer with equally prestigious credentials.
    I am proud to see my fellow Eurekans standing up to take back our community.
    Connie Miller

  3. I think that Miller called it accurately in her letter.

    I don't know what koolaid you are drinking 11:33, but that letter can't be construed in any way shape or form in the manner you have construed it to be.

    Have you tried sniping over at Heraldo? She/he seems to have a blog to suit you know, close minded, stupid, nasty and selfish.

  4. Oh it's there 12:25. She was absolutely humiliated after that election. I remember the post election coverage on TV when she kicked out the crews after the first numbers came in. She thought she had the election in the bag, and was severely trounced.

    She's still licking her wounds and it shows

  5. 12:34 - you have consumed too much koolaid.

    Reread that letter. If you see that in there then maybe you need a wee bit o' tinfoil for your head to block out the alien messages from outer space.

  6. Poop poor Connie Miller. Still poutin' after all of these years

  7. You're delusional, Chris.

  8. "I don't see anything about her losing to little blowjob boy: .."

    THATS how you START a post?

    I stopped reading there.

    Whoever wrote that is the problem. Not just politicians.

    If the word 'progressive' is somehow negative to you, well, sorry. perhaps you might read the definition.
    I just think its messed up to have such hatred, and blame everything on your neighbors because they didnt vote for Bush.

  9. Wait - what??

    How did Bush get brought into this?

    OMG that is funny.

  10. Rose you were seeing the DA behind every bush at one point yourself.

    Do you guys really think this is some grand conspiracy to oust the CM, or maybe, just maybe, people suck and can't act like adults even in the workplace? Sometimes things just break down.

    I guess this is why we have the court system and why I've been determined my whole life to stay the fuck away from it.

  11. Does anyone else here think PatsyC came here looking for an excuse to be offended?

    If you want to see hatred and vitriol Patsy, go over to Heraldo's blog. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that you'd be okay with the shit thats hurled there with anyone who doesn't toe the "Larry Glass in God, Rob Arkley is the living emodiment of evil" line.

    By the way, Chris earned his moniker "blow job boy" from his escapade in his car with a married woman, caught in the act by EPD investigating a neighbor's complaint.

  12. The DA behind every bush? I thought it was Richard Salzman and Ken Miller.

    I could theorize here - Glass is getting his revenge. They started losing that night at the City Council meeting, when all the people got up and spoke. I figured things were gonna get ugly. And this is exactly the kind of Salzman-scorched-earth kind of thing we should have expected.

    It doesn't matter what the facts are, the damage is now done. In oh, so many ways.

  13. I have to admit I hadn't figured Pierson in as such a big player, but that is an interesting wrinkle.

    There was a time I thought of him as a good man. I wonder if his "good angels" as Salzman calls them, will reassert themselves as he realizes what he has become a part of.

  14. Rose, let me appeal to some reason with you. Why such a conspiracy? If they remove him, who will replace him? If they got some anti-development manager (which they don't have the votes for) how would he/she stop Marina Center? Wouldn't they run the risk of getting a more competent city manager who was aggressive about expanding the tax base, thus aggressively pursuing Marina Center?

    Rose, this is about human idiocy. I don't know who is at fault, if anyone. But come on. I would say the same to heraldo.

  15. Please don't say the words, "blow job" and "Rose" in the same sentence. I think I'm going to puke... uh..

    Yep, there is goes. Too late.

  16. Good questions, 12:01. Maybe you're right. But I doubt they'd find a more competent City Manager.

    In fact, given the City's past reputation and this latest bruhaha, who would come here and take that job? And if they got one who was aggressively pursuing Marina Center, what do you think would happen?

    C;mon. Heraldo could tell you.

  17. You still have your teeth Rose? If not, then 7:12 is clearly missing out on a good time.

  18. Where do creatures like 8:12 come from?

    This is the reason not to do drugs, it fucks up the thought processes. 8:12, you are a real piece of shit man. Small penis problems or what?

    Don't worry folks, no amount of insults by this jerk against Rose will make his dick grow big.

  19. Connie Miller represents the last of a dying breed

  20. Larry, Heraldo and the police chief don't like Tyson. It's as simple as that.

    But then Larry may be Heraldo or would it be that Heraldo is Larry ?

    This is all very dirty politics, very sleazy.

  21. I don't think Larry IS heraldo, but Larry KNOWS WHO heraldo/a is.

  22. your obsessed

    seek help

  23. "I don't think Larry IS heraldo, but Larry KNOWS WHO heraldo/a is."

    So what if he does?Is he not given any freedom of association?
    It's kind of amusing to me when I read about hovering over the identity of heraldo in comparison to those who seem to care less about ever making a big deal about the identity of the blogger,or ers behind the mirror,as different political camps are represented by those individual blogs.
    Would I be wrong to say that Mike Jones or Virginia Bass knows who is behind the mirror?Likely not,but why should I care,they have their personal acquaintances,and so does Larry.Give it a rest.

  24. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that we're not trying to figure out exactly who both - or all - are.

    I think that's pretty much the question that gets asked every day - who are these people!!??

    But you're right in one sense, the Mirror doesn't like Gallegos - so I'm not alone anymore.

  25. "I think that's pretty much the question that gets asked every day - who are these people!!??"

    I think that those asking those questions have way,way too much time on their hands.
    It is ironic though,as lefties don't seem to care about the content coming from the mirror,and seem to be more able to dissect its claims without having the need to conduct a witchhunt to find out who runs the blog.Heraldo seems to have his opposers stumped,so that seems to leave them with no other route than to attack the messenger instead of the message.

  26. You're kidding, right? Come clean, Mresquan. You know who it is, LOL.

    Hey, I have a proposal that might interest you - will interest you, actually. Let's talk.

  27. "I think that those asking those questions have way,way too much time on their hands."

    Rose doesn't have a job, so what? What else do you expect her to do with her time?

  28. It seems alot of people have some extra time on their hands.

    If Glass is not Heraldo then he's Heraldo's shadow, confidant, BFF, or whatever.


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