Friday, November 20, 2009

NO wonder he 'recused' himself

Appeals filed against Marina Center coastal development permit


  1. Rose,

    Who is the scammer here? Could it be that your beloved developers are putting the rest of us at risk?

    Must you reflexively oppose every single environmental cleanup?

  2. Must you reflexively oppose every single environmental cleanup?

    Huh?? It seems to most rational people that the ones opposing environmental cleanup are Paykeeper, NEC, EPIC, Faust and the two mooks from the Coastal Commission.

    This is the height of hypocrisy and duplicity.

  3. "Must you reflexively oppose every single environmental cleanup?"

    OMFG! I am speechless...It is the NEC & Baykeeper along with this douchebag Faust who are opposing the environmental cleanup - all in the name of preventing a Arkley Development.

    What a bunch of intellectually dishonest hypocrites...

  4. Nice try. As you know, the "cleanup" is a complete sham which places the entire community at risk.

    We need a real cleanup, not a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

  5. "...places the entire community at risk."

    OMG! Run for your lives! It's the Hyperboles boiling up to the surface to contaminate us all, every last one of us! The entired community!

  6. BS. Pure and simple. If is t was soooooo dangerous it would be a priority. If it is it has been for a long long long long time, and delaying cleanup does not help.

    Furthermore, there are other sites that were simply capped, and the Paykeeper assholes said nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

    Only where there's the possibility of money in it for them does sneaky Pete play his BS games. And Bonnie wiggles the strings above the stage.

  7. What a bunch of gullible suckers. You sat on your hands while the developer blew smoke at the review board. Nobody even had time to read the doctored reports. If you believe the proposed "cleanup" will do anything but spread dioxin contaminated soil all over our community, you will believe anything.

  8. The "Developer" didn't put it there. It's been there.

    And if the Dioxin was what you really cared about, you'd be doing something at every site. You're not. You're sneaking around, working your angles to find the couple of people with deep pockets so you can get rich off of technicalities.

    Sneaking around, putting up "Baykeeper" signs in your sneaky little target areas, implying that you care about the whole bay, and people don't know - or didn't know the difference.

    You get the signs made, expensive little buggers, too, made to LOOK like official County signs, but with sneaky ol' "Paykeeper's" phone number.

    You sneak around, you get your stuff tested at activist labs, who are also "projects" of the Tides Center, the "donations" go back and forth between the "groups."

    It's quite a racket.

    But it only works when people don't realize how dishonest you are.

  9. And now there's more. Using the Coastal Commission as your own personal vendetta weapon. I hope the countersuit makes certain that you live the rest of your life paying every dollar you earn, if you're not in prison.

    The Coastal Commission was formed with the best of intentions - and it has now been corrupted by the worst kind of profiteering scum imaginable.

  10. Speaking of "profiteering scum," Rose, your filthy rich, elitist heros are willing to put all of downtown Eureka at risk to make a buck. It's all they know.

    As for the "corrupted" Coastal commission, without them, the whole of the Pacific Coast would be behind locked gates by now.

    Bottom line, in America we don't fence the ocean off from the people.

  11. Really? Unless it roped off by "Friends of the Dunes" "Nature Conservancy" fifty other "groups" or some park, with "No" signs all over the place... no walking no driving, no horses, no dogs, no kites, no walking on the grass, no stepping off the trail...

  12. As you know, such preserves are tiny, rare and due to your beloved developments, necessary. But perhaps you would prefer to wipe out whole species in a mad rush to develop our coast.

  13. Anon, you're just making an ass of yourself with these continuing scare tactics that are utterly absurd. It only makes you and your cause look ridiculous and corrupt because of the money extortion reason behind it, something you evidently don't want to look at since it makes all your charges against Arkley look as completely hypocritical as they are.

  14. How intelligent. The "money extortion reason behind it." Oh, those evil, educated enviros.

  15. Spin v. reality. Nichols game is up.

  16. Great points made by Heraldo this morning

  17. Faust is a scam artist dream. Pete fell into a steaming pile of shit and Faust found a way for him to come up with dioxin. LOL if it wasn't so sad. If there is some dioxin on the property turn it up and let the sunshine on it. That's adamn good way to kill it. Better get it while you can because this growth industry of ecofraud law suits is about to kill it's golden gooseseseseseses!

  18. I watched EPIC go from a volunteer community environmental protection information center to become a professional environmental lawsuit organization focused primarily on Palco. They did this in the beginning so they said to have bucks to take corporations to court with, then they started paying themselves and lo and behold, last time I checked EPIC had grown from a volunteer organization to one with a half a million yearly budget. But it wasn't just the money grab I found objectionable, it was their complete misdirection of environmental protection information to the environmentally concerned people in SoHum who ended up with shit on their creeks, over-sedimentation up the yin yang plus fertilizer runoff, over-consumption of vital dry season water, and then diesel oil contamination. Why did this happen? Because literally for almost two decades EPIC was telling folks who supported them that it was PALCO, PALCO, PALCO, that was doing all the eco-damage.

    In short, we have learned not to trust these professional environmental organizations for accurate information as well we shouldn't. How many endangered species in SoHum watersheds lost their lives to EPIC's misdirection?

    And here they are again, joining with other environmental ambulance chasing orgs, the biggie being Baykeeper, and doing the same schtickt, going for for the corporate lawsuits instead of actually becoming trustworthy environmental protection COMMUNITY organizations.

  19. The Humboldt "Paykeeper" is but a fledgling, being groomed by its predatory litigious parents.

    Like the modern day children of the pot-growers, it is arrogant and flaunting its intentions. seeing nothing wrong with it, and caring not a whit who they hurt.

    "Paykeeper" is the lure - using the fancy boat to fete out of town reporters with "Bay Tours" pretending to be something they are not.

    They suck in innocent well intended people who serve as cover. They are nothing but the sheeps' cloak.

  20. Rose is the queen of the "Paranoid Style" of politics

  21. Rose is an apologist for those who are dead set on bleeding our community dry and leaving us to choke on the toxic residue.

  22. Spoken like a true believer in killing anchor businesses and the employment they provide. No lumbering allowed even though Humboldt County is timber country and grows trees better than most anywhere else. No recycling of wood waste products allowed even though it is a natural byproduct of lumber production and so with every cardboard box used by these Baycreepers they foist environmental protection into the hands of overseas pulp mills with no regulation. No clean up of the site for the Marina Center allowed lest it be built and change the abysmal character of Old Town Eureka to something better where people might actually want to come and shop and thereby create more jobs. No, can't have thaaaat! Keep Humboldt County a backwater for those who have HSU and pot to enjoy sans all those pesky industries which used to hire lots of people. If one were to create a battle plan for destroying a community's ability to support itself, you'd have the plans for us that Baycreepers, EPIC, NEC, are following not giving a damn about anything but making a sordid living off of destroying other's livelihoods.

  23. What hysteria! The site is dangerously polluted and we aren't going to accept a smoke and mirrors phony "cleanup." The developer rushed through a phony cleanup without proper review. This site needs a real cleanup before it can be developed.

  24. "dangerously polluted", prove it. Show how many homeless people near the site and then Old Town store owners, hotel renters, and Old Town store customers, then Eureka residents in general are being drastically effected as you and job-killers are saying. That site has been there for decades and not a peep out of job-killers until Arkley's Marina Center project came on the scene. Pure political attack masquerading as "environmental protection", bullshit. Work with the Community which include Arkley, dummies, and stop trying to further hurt Eureka's and Humboldt County's economy.

  25. Yes, work with the community to clean up a problem that has plagued Eureka for decades. The only ones who haven't managed to figure that out are those, like the developer and its stooges, who never lift a finger to clean up a mess unless forced to do so.

    Bottom line: we're not buying your smoke and mirrors "cleanup." Do it right or forget the whole project.

  26. Let's see NEC put its money where it's "progressive" sneaky pete mouth is then.

    Let's leave the Balloon Track to ooze the same toxins that have been there for decades for decades more.

    Let Larry Glass lobby for the City to reverse itself and accept the gift that was offered to them oh so many years ago - the gift of the Balloon Track itself.

    If he cares so very much...

  27. Finally an acknowledgement that the Balloon Tract will "ooze the same toxins that have been there for decades." We're making progress.

  28. No, moron, the balloon tract won't ooze anymore toxins, if you idiots let the clean up proceed.

    Sheesh! Wadda Maroon!

  29. Let's look at what each side brings to the table:
    Arkley-Jobs and investment in the community
    Faust/Baykeeper/EPIC/etc.- Kill jobs and suck from the communtity
    Arkley-Donated a million for the boardwalk
    Predatory Litigious orgs- Stop development that others might enjoy
    Arkley- Spent millions more than he had to on the performing arts center so it would be first class
    Leeches- Bitch that he put his name on the building
    Arkley- Not afraid to clean up a site with his own money
    Chicken Littles- Protest that the cleanup might find more cleanup in the process and therefor should be blocked
    No, I'm not Rob Arkley, don't work for him and have never met him, but I'll judge him by his good deeds for the community, just as I'll condem the phony environmental orgs that haven't cleaned up anything, except when it comes to lining their pockets.

  30. Good points!

    And 'predatory litigious orgs' is going viral, I'll have you know.

  31. Speaking of "predatory," your heros have quite a record of rolling over those who dare to challenge a development. And with suckers like you cheering from the bleachers, we'll see more such "cleanups" in the future.

  32. You are flat out dishonest. If you were honest, at the very least, you would apply your standards equally and across the board to all projects.

    It's very, very clear what is going on here.

  33. Yes, it's very, very clear what is going on here.

    You are closing ranks behind a fellow Republican. You can be counted on to put party allegiance over ethics. It's up to the rest of us to protect our town.

  34. Au contraire, I ain't no Republican. I am a Democrat but a communitarian one which means, unlike Progressives, I care about the community, all of it, even Republican citizens of it.


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