Thursday, November 19, 2009

Really? Only Two Possibilities?

Everyone is fucking everyone else or thinking about everybody fucking everybody else? Those are the only two possibilities here?

Down and Dirty
...It seems to me that these two cases merely present the informed public with a range of questions that, though unanswerable, help us to understand how city government works. Is everyone in Eureka City Hall doing it up, down and sideways 24 hours a day, in every conceivable combination, as if it were the last days of the Roman Empire? Or does everyone just imagine that everyone except them is getting loads of action, resulting in a funky yellow stew of rage inside Fifth and K? Or are both things true, to one degree or another?

One of the above scenarios must be the case....

Better shut down City Hall then.

There are a number of other possibilities here, CHIEF among them is someone is looking for a nice chunk of go-away change.

Tyson, City Sued on Harassment Charges


  1. I though this was spot on

  2. Once again Hank Sims sinks to the lowest common denominator and wallows in it like a drunken pig.

    Sims tabloid slam of the entire city, through suggesting the entirety of city government is filled with sex addicts and morons, is a sad effort to sell a rag he helped sink. What a two dimensional prick.

    Tits, weed, tits, weed.


  3. I think you're spot on with this one Rose. That's the funny thing about signing municipal employees to these long contracts, they're actually incentivised to get fired! Too bad Hank is off in narcissistic gossip land on yet another article.

  4. I've been one of Hank's worst critics, and at times one of his biggest defenders. Either way, I still credit him with SAVING the Journal.

    And with the Town Dandy, he really found his stride.

    This time, maybe he is just overwhelmed by all the gossip and innuendo. Or maybe, there are some things he just hasn't been told yet that would change his opinion. Things that should have been made part of the paper trail, but weren't.

  5. Oh well, I guess I read his article, so mission accomplished. Just wish I didn't feel so dirty afterwards.

  6. Or does everyone just imagine that everyone except them is getting loads of action, resulting in a funky yellow stew of rage inside [Journal HQ]?

    A little insight into the Hank.

  7. Yannow, don't go down that road, 12:42 - there's too much of that in this story already - the idea that a lawsuit is filed with language that accuses a City Manager of being jealous over rumors on an angry blog is bad enough.

  8. Two options indeed. Either Hank is lazy, or Hank is stupid.

  9. Nope....Hank isn't stupid or lazy...well maybe a bit lazy

    But he loves to write about what he believes is poetic justice even when it doesn't rhyme so well.

    He's a hell of a writer and a decent reporter. I hope he chooses to get past his self-adulation and noodle into the bottom of this. It's a deep bottom and Hank's got the negative buoyancy to reach it.

    C'mon Hank, shake off the comic book reasoning and get to the heart of this nasty business.

    It's a hell of a story....will just take some work and insight to get it and more to tell it.

    It'll go against the grain Hank...but it's worth doing

  10. Suzie Owsley is now suing the city, the chief, and so on.

    difference is she really has merit to her suit, despite what Larry/Heraldo says. Larry/Heraldo is starting their usual pro chief Neilsen spin

    This is going to get interesting and ugly.

    That two or three people can cause so much grief and public money is a true shame.


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