Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OK - you know you've seen Salzman and Co. positioning against Prop. 13....

Maybe now we know why...
ACORN Document Dump: California Voters, Prepare to Be ACORNed
Dumping 20k sensitive documents in a public dumpster isn’t anyone’s idea of smart. Even though the Attorney’s General office was about to visit the ACORN San Diego office, ACORN employees should have taken some steps to protect the information they were dumping. There are extensive federal and state laws in play here, with very serious civil and criminal penalties.
But, one shouldn’t take this to mean that ACORN is always and everywhere incompetent. You don’t build an international organization with offices in hundreds of US cities through incompetence. Part of ACORN’s secret is that it is really shrewd politically. ... is a plan for a 2-year ACORN campaign to repeal California’s Prop 13. That initiative, passed in 1979, restricts government’s power to increase taxes. One of its toughest provisions requires a 2/3rds vote of the legislature to raise taxes. ACORN, naturally, wants to scrap that....

ACORN wants you to believe that the documents they dumped last month are old fliers, leaflets and other out-dated garbage. They aren’t. The documents ...are current working documents. And, ACORN made a point of dumping them.
Stay tuned…

ACORN Dumped Sensitive Documents as Probe Began, Private Investigator Says stopacorn.org
Remember the ACORN OKLAHOMA Document Dump: The Oklahoma Power Plan which is SO reminiscent of the verbage we get in local "progressive" campaigns, as well as Ken Miller's happy plans for Humboldt County and Bonnie Neely following the Recall...

Just curious...


  1. Acorn doesn't represent everyone who is for the repeal of Prop 13. Even Fred's for it and I'm sure he isn't an Acorn. A chestnut maybe..

  2. I'm for repealing Prop 13???

  3. Prop 13 needs some modifications,but it does not need to be repealed outright.

  4. repeal prop 13 and there will be no home owners left in Cali. Cut legislators salaries and perks,repeal CARB, fire 2000 of the 4000 state appointees,cap all current PEERS contributions and renegotiate all new state hires,reduce taxes and watch how well the state will rebound.


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