Thursday, November 05, 2009

Congrats, Dennis

Duffy appoints Mayo to planning commission
The Humboldt County Planning Commission has a new member.
Fifth District Supervisor Jill Duffy announced Tuesday that she is appointing McKinleyville Community Services District board member Dennis Mayo to fill the 5th District commission seat being vacated by Scott Kelly, who is stepping down because he's leaving the area. The move comes as a surprise to some, as Mayo and Duffy have locked horns in the past and don't see eye-to-eye on many issues....

Duffy said that general plan process was first and foremost in her mind when appointing Kelly's replacement. She said she was looking for someone with a learning capacity who could get up to speed quickly on land use and zoning issues, and who would be able to withstand public criticism.

Equally important, Duffy said, was to get someone who was aware of the issues in the debate, but who wasn't firmly entrenched on either side of the issues.

”What really did it for me is that, for the last year, Dennis has been on the McKinleyville Community Services District board, and he has really proven himself to be very thoughtful and gives tremendous consideration to the decisions that come before him,” Duffy said. “In looking at it really objectively, I just think he really deserves this opportunity to serve.”

Mayo said he's got a steep learning curve ahead of him, but added that he's been paying attention to the general plan process for the last 10 years and that he's hopeful he can bring a fresh perspective to the process.

”I really think that I've shown people that I walk my talk,” Mayo said. “I represent everyone when I'm sitting in front of things, and I look for absolutely the most reasonable way to do things.”

Mayo said he's looking forward to getting to working on the commission.

”I hope I can bring something valuable to the table,” he said. “I'm very happy and I owe Jill a great deal of respect for her being able to put some of those past disagreements aside and look at the bigger picture.”...


  1. There's something about a cowboy ... much like like Roger Rodoni before him, Dennis has a moral compass and pragmatic way of addressing issues that I find refreshing and admirable.

    I am SO pleased for him, and SO grateful to Jill Duffy for this terrific appointment.

  2. Shows Jill's ability to appreciate and reward dedicated community-minded citizens. Good for both of them!

  3. To often in today's world people aren't willing to go the extra mile for their neighbor,community even family. Common people can do great things. They only have to try.

  4. Stephen I am happy to see you congratulate other people and not somehow try and steal the thunder right out from under them. Perhaps you are turning a new leaf, from narcissistic lunatic towards a simple dopey old man.

  5. Ah, my political got ta love 'em. They're the sweetest gang of community-minded stoolwards in the world. Aren't we fortunate to have such concerned and might I add brave stand-up and be-counted citizens with the same name of anonymous. How lucky is that!

  6. And aren't we happy to have such an upstooging individual to be our community's guiding moral light. Mother Theresa worked with the poor, Pope John Paul worked to defeat communism, and you Stephen, you collect food stamps and waste away in Rio Dell.

    Where is your special spiritual connection now Stephen? As you waste away both in mind, body and spirit. Having trouble controlling your bowels and urination Stephen? Well, it's about time your blog comments kept pace with the conditions of your bed linens. Soiled, filthy and unacceptable. That what you are Stephen.

  7. much better choice than HumRed

  8. Whazza matter, anon, can't keep up with the other dogs at the fire hydrant on your daily walk around your tiny block? Obsessed again with potty mouth disease? There's a cure now, you know. It's called the blow-yer-mind kit. The kit comes with a balloon you stick in your ear as far as it can go in and then you blow on the end of the balloon as hard as you can. Am told it works wonders. Hisraldo uses it daily to prevent cavities from forming on her temporal lobes.

  9. Would you guys put a sock in it?


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