Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We have a new ambulance chaser!

Attorney: Witnesses afraid to come forward in wrongful death cases
...Brian Claypool of Claypool Law Firm in Los Angeles has filed three federal lawsuits, two of which are wrongful death lawsuits, on behalf of the families of Chris Burgess, Martin Cotton II and Peter Stewart. During a press conference at the Humboldt County Courthouse, Claypool said that witnesses have called him, saying they were “terrified” of stepping forward....

Claypool is currently involved in at least 10 federal civil lawsuits, according to court documents, including civil cases against Crescent City and Del Norte County. He said Tuesday that the lawsuits “level the playing field” between law enforcement and citizens.

Terrified of coming forward? Maybe they are terrified of lying to help you make a buck buddy.

...The cases were reviewed by a multi-agency task force and the District's Attorney's Office issued reports saying no charges would be filed.... EXTENSIVELY reviewed, drug through the muck already, with the officers and police dept. excoriated, the community terrorized by the anti-cop activists...


  1. I was thinking the same thing. Not that there's anything wrong with filing suits in possible cases of civil rights violations (No, I'm not saying the cases were civil rights violations), but the fact this guy gathered up all of these local ones says a lot about him. Another Jason Singleton type? Not quite, but close.

    It will be interesting to see if he pushes for a settlement, ala Singleton.

  2. If those who killed them did nothing wrong then what are you worried about?
    Hoping that he does not turn out to be another Singleton.
    This has to be the first time that I can remember anyway that Rose sides with our D.A.

  3. I am not seeing Rose siding with the DA. I am seeing Rose siding with the conclusion of the LE investigation. (Minus Gags' input.) Mark, you are consistent. I hope that niether you nor anyone you know becomes the victim of a serious crime. You will get the education of a lifetime. Keep on championing for Gallegos though. We find it amusing given the facts. Hey, I overheard Belknap the other day saying that her "people" won't even support Gags this time around.

  4. This guy Claypool is the worst kind of sleaze. He benefits from the deaths of others. He is a scumbag from Southern California who is/was behind several other large lawsuits down there. He apparently fancies himself another Stephen Yagman, who made millions suing LAPD.

  5. Hey, it's the back of my head and my hand in the picture.
    I made the Rose blog!
    Seriously, if just one of these lawsuits turns out to be valid and wins, things might turn out differently in the future. Procedures may change that could save the life of someone. Even if most of you don't think that someone accused of a crime and not yet tried is scum and doesn't deserve it.

  6. Walk a mile in the cops shoes, Tom. Then comment.

  7. Check out this guys status on the California Bar Association website. The dates don't seem to jib.

    This is not the first ambulance chaser type shister to make his mark in Humboldt County. They sue for $3 million, settle for $10,000, and call it a win. This kind of settlement was the way government agencies would deal with this, strictly cost savings.

    Meaning it is/was cheaper to pay the $10,000 than to hire an attorney or two and fight the case. In the past decade or more government agencies have found that if they fight these BS lawsuits and eventually win they will save money in the long run. Because if the shister doesn't win or take some kind of settlement he eats the costs.

    A lowlife in need of work. Hey the recession hit's shister lawers too.

  8. Actually, government agencies don't make nuisance settlements. The only police misconduct case I ever filed I had to take all the way to trial. We would have settled for 6 thousand, but the attorney for the CHP told us that they had never lost a case in Humboldt County and offered zero. He was pretty shell-shocked by the jury verdict.

  9. "Actually, government agencies don't make nuisance settlements"

    And this "fact" is based on your one police misconduct case? Wow is that your arrogance or ignorance Eric ?


  10. Nope - this is typical Eric.

  11. Childish name-calling ("Gags") makes me want to gag. If you anti-Gallegos people want to get him out of office, acting like obnoxious, name-calling children is not the way to do it.


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