Thursday, August 20, 2009

Identity theft investigation nets 87 pounds of marijuana

Identity theft investigation nets 87 pounds of marijuana
Ten men -- including nine Mexican nationals -- were arrested in Eureka Tuesday afternoon when an identity theft case led detectives to a marijuana grow, officials said.... All subjects were detained in handcuffs and a search warrant was soon written and served. Police seized six pounds of processed marijuana and 87 pounds of dried marijuana during the search, according to the press release. Nine of the men were from Mexico: Nicolas Quintero, 34; Jairo Noel Martinez-Hernandez, 21; Rey David Valenzuela, 36; Luis Fernando Martinez, 22; Fidel Alvarez Quintero, 29; Christian Ramon Cazares, 21; Filberto Lopez-Vasquez, 25; Jose Florencio Amador-Torres, 32; and Nestor Edwin Ruiz-Tamayo, 28. The tenth is Daniel Albert Anaya, 45, of Arizona.
Immigration holds have been placed on the nine Mexican citizens, according to the release.


  1. These are the guys (Mexican cartel) that are growing pot throughout our state and national forests.

    We need to declare war on them by legalizing marijuana...

    of course they'll move on to other illegal profit-making enterprises but pot (at least) won't be one of them.

  2. Yea right, a bunch of underpaid weed trimmers are automatically a "Mexican cartel" because they are Mexican.

  3. Mexican Drug Cartels operating in Humboldt ?

    Absolutely. Weed, heroin, speed, and cocaine.

  4. I guess Americans in HumDope County won't even trim bud anymore, hence Mexicans doing jobs they won't do. By the way, did you see in the news that the large fire in Santa Barbara County was caused by Mexican nationals growing dope.

  5. And no doubt this group is part of a similar organization,(D.T.O.) drug trafficking organization, to the one in Santa Barbara.

    These guys are or were trimming weed for their own group.

    Remember last summer, or what it the summer before, when the 100,000plus plant grow was found on private lumber company land in the eastern part of the county? The organized Mexican grows are here.

    And the one in Carlotta where the Deputy shot the mexican grower that pointed a shotgun at him?

    The big question is what will happen to these guys in the justice system?

    This is Humboldt so my expectatons are low.


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