Thursday, August 27, 2009

A must read

Kevin L. Hoover's So-Called Thoughts: Lions & tigers & Berg – oh, why? – August 26, 2009
...tribal loyalties, not facts, reason or logic form the basis of people’s decisions – what their friends are doing and who has done them favors in the past....


  1. There are a lot of holes in Kevin's logic.

    If Berg or anyone wants to put their individual name behind a candidate without consulting all candidates, so what? That's what 99.99% of all endorsers do.

    If you read the newspaper and pay attention, and two high profile candidates are running with a lot of community history behind them, Berg would be an idiot if she didn't already know who she was backing. Only uninformed people need a candidate forum. A person's community history and voting record speaks for itself.

    Kevin's blowing a lot of hot air over nothing. Is he feeling slighted about something?

    Meanwhile, there's a big problem with a union not considering all candidates because the union represents a lot of people. It looks like the union withheld information before the vote. If I belonged to that union I'd call for the removal of the union bosses. Shameful.

  2. Hoover turned bitter a long time ago.


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