Thursday, August 06, 2009

Oh, God, he's back.

Jeffrey ""Schwartz's plan to save the world. It's so simple.

Ya gotta just feel sorry for the guy. He's a lawyer, if your case involves money of any kind, I'd find someone else.

OMG - read his little bio - Jeffrey Schwartz lives in works in Arcata and is a member of the Arcata Economic Development Committee.

The MIRROR says it better than I ever could ◼ This week in stupid


  1. Which parallel universe did the cretin escape from?

  2. Which parallel universe you ask. He was a friend of Tim Stoen and escaped from the planet Gallegos.

  3. Jeffy needs some exposure so Maybe, just Maybe he can get some clients.

    very lame .... actually pathetic

  4. This dumb F*** could make a sack of hammers look smart.

  5. Now that is funny - damn funny 11:21!

  6. Damn funny too but not in a funny way, is why the NCJ keeps printing the stupid drivel his wife writes. MAYBE they are the sack.


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