Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kind of makes you wonder what the Smart Growth progressives have against people living the American Dream

If you like living in the suburbs, having your own little piece of God's green Earth, and being part of the community schools, churches and civic groups, well, too bad because the "Smart Growth" progressives in Congress and the National Reseach Council have a new report that shows how much better things would be if instead you and your family lived in an urban high rise.... Washington Examiner

Of course, Ann Lindsay got that memo a long long time ago, didn't she? Not just the memo. The marching orders.


  1. Oh yeah I would be much happier living in a high rise apartment.

    Having a cup of coffee on my back porch listening to the birds in the morning has just got to be unhealthy.

    As to Ann Lindsay - no comment is the nicest thing I can say.

  2. Yeah, fresh air, space for kids to play, the ability to have a garden, grow your own food, raise chickens, eat fresh eggs instead of store-bought are all highly over-rated.

    Better to play basketball in the street, and sit on the couch and play video games. That makes kids so much healthier.

    Her 'report' has been out for a while, and it shocked many of us. It is just so outside the realm of reality, you had to wonder why she did it. What skewed perspective was she coming from? It's so completely at odds with the 'quality of life' we all KNOW here.

    NOW we know more, we know Lovelace wasn't just another interested citizen attending all those meetings as Mr. "Healthy Humboldt." We know where his money was coming from and why. We know where the "infill" agenda comes from.

    "Progressives" have already wrecked the DAs Office, how many more are they going to destroy?

  3. I can't believe that anyone would listen to a Health Department whose director stands in front of the courthouse smoking a cigarette right before the meetings begin.

    The Ministry of Health... sort of sad. Apparently their only purpose is to help control the hinterlands.

  4. Hey I heard of just another new study that is out saying country/mountain people live longer and healthier lives than city folk. Guess the progs and Ann L just share the studies that support their limited view.

  5. From her own lips; Years ago I actually heard Ms. Ann say the greatest risk to public health is "middle aged white men with guns". In a public forum. Wow! What do you make of that?


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