Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meg Whitman coming to Humboldt

Meg Whitman coming to Humboldt
Baywood Golf & Country Club
August 25th - 5:30-7:00 pm

For info:
Contact Humboldt Republican Women, Federated
President Colleen Hedrick: 268-0101


  1. Let's give her 250,000 Rob Arkley, not Arnold

  2. I'd vote for J.Fred Mugs the monkey, before re-electing Arnie.

    So, as far as I'm concerned, anyone can do a better job than Herr Arnie!

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Now here's someone that makes sense.

  4. Dave, Dave, Dave... I HOPE you are applying that same outrage to the DEMOCRATS in the legislature who ARE RESPONSIBLE for the continual overspending, the unbelievably irresponsible mismanagement of the State's coffers.

    Remember, Arnold can only sign or veto what THEY do.

    Yet who are you blaming?

    How many times have they put the State through this? Many times, before Arnold was even a factor.

    You have to solve this one by voting for people who understand that you don't spend more than you take in. Period. End of story. And when you have a flush dotcom bubble year, you put money away for a rainy day, not go out and put a down payment on the Ferrari with your windfall profits, setting up a payment that you cannot meet.

    Geez. Why does partisanship blind people to simple reality?

  5. It's the easy way.

  6. Whitman?Seriously?
    Can't remember the last time that Ca. repubs had no desire to win the gubernatorial seat.

  7. M.R. you have accomplished exactly WHAT ?

  8. I'm agreeing with Rose....Ok, so I usually do, but she always knows where I left my keys....I'm voting Green this time around, as in:


    ALL the Polis, Dems, Pubbies, I don't care. They all have to go.

    Wait, gave me an idea for a poster.....up in ten minutes...steal if you wish!!

  9. LOL, Wolff! I like it! Consider it swiped.


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