Sunday, February 25, 2007

Time for the crocodile tears

Mark Lovelace brings you, can you believe it? - "A COALITION of environmental, labor, and forestry organizations in a FREE public workshop..." about the Palco bankruptcy.

Well, isn't that special.

How much do you want to bet they aren't going to talk about Ken Miller's "Humboldt Watershed Council's" (read that "all Palco all the time, and only Palco watersheds council" role in the demise of Palco. Will they tell you about the decades long effort of Ken Miller (co-founder of BACH) and all of his other aliases. Will they talk about the concerted PR efforts of Michael Shellenberger, Earth First!, and EPIC.

"Oh, Rose! You are just an apologist for Palco/Hurwitz/Maxaam!"

No. Actually, I am not. But early on in this process, I realized that what I thought I knew about Hurwitz and Palco was the result of a massive negative public relations campaign designed to portray Hurwitz as the "robber baron." As I read Shellenberger's talk of "framing the debate" - how they had pressured public officials, and used the protesters in incidents like the Pepper Spray case to garner national attention, I realized how we have all been played, and how little any of us really know. I realize that I do not have any real information to go on, just the smear campaign presented as fact. He may be that bad. I don't know. And I no longer take it on blind faith.

I am surprised that Hurwitz never fought back, choosing, (wrongly, I think) to let the criticism and attacks roll off his back, thus irrevocably sealing his image in cyberspace.

But I listen to the disingenuous cries of "Who US?!" "Why WE are not to blame for this! It's all Hurwitz. It was his plan from the beginning. The lawsuits , the harassment, the continuous attacks had NOTHING! WHATSOEVER! to do with it!" And when I hear the crocodile tears professing to care about the timberlands and the workers - I am sickened.

Let's talk about what comes next - if Hurwitz leaves the picture - will the attacks cease? Would new ownership be allowed to operate in relative peace? (Did anyone notice how the protesters dried up and went back into the shadows during the most recent election? Standing by to be reactivated on command, no doubt.) Could any potential buyer stand a chance in an industry under such concerted attack?

Who'll be in the crosshairs next? Simpson/Green Diamond? Sierra Pacific/SPI? (oh they already are) Or was this all about getting one man, and not about the old growth/Headwaters at all?

If I were Hurwitz, I would file suit against Ken Miller, Mark Lovelace, Michael Shellenberger, Fenton Communications, Lumina Strategies, and each and every member of the "growing coalition" of attack groups.

It would be a groundbreaking RICOH/racketeering case, because the orgs are a new phenomena. So far they are able to operate outside the law, free from criticism because they wear the "grassroots citizen" cloak.

In the meantime, ask Ken Miller, and Mark Lovelace what is next in their transition mission?


  1. Can you file a citizen based RICOH lawsuit?

  2. I believe you have to be an 'injured party.'

  3. Pretty hipocritical of you Rose to expect these people to come forth with their agenda while hiding yours, which is day by day becoming much more obvious.

  4. Rose hiding her agenda? Anon, it is you types who have no use for honest debate which Rose constantly strives for in this blog of hers. Few bloggers are as conscientiously striving for transparency and anons like you fill the blogs up with hit-and-run crummy put-downs.

    As for Lovelace and Miller, do they really expect Palco workers wanting to schmooze with the people who have done their best to take their jobs away?

  5. I don't think Rose has any agenda here.I often disagree with her,as I do here,but I think her intentions are fine.But I hope she realizes that defending Hurwitz in the matter that she is here,when he has clearly screwed the entire community while making a huge profit himself,is going to make some question her ideals.And that is regardless of what you think about the variuos groups or individuals involved in going forward from here,or taking them on in the past.Sure,I'd be upset too if the environmental groups or whoever tried to sue the county,affecting us taxpayers.But to defend Hurwitz himself in any way here is fairly ridiculous.

  6. I'm not defending him. I'm saying I don't know what to believe with regards to the reports about the man. Because I have seen behind the propaganda enough to know that everything reported has been colored. Most of us believe what we read, we believe the information has been investigated and vetted, instead what we find here is propaganda reprinted as fact time and time again.

    The concerted effort against Palco, culminating in the securing of a puppet DA willing to file the acitivist's suit seems to me to cross the lines of fair play. Because it is Hurwitz it is an emotionally charged issue, but take Palco/Hurwitz out of the picture and tell me if it is fair for one company to be so targeted? Is it true environmental concern, or is it get Hurwitz?

    And bear in mind that some things attempted here, like the establishment of a "Trust Fund" to use private special interest money to finance a public prosecution, is a precedent setting move that changes the judicial system forever.

    I realize no one is interested in that - but it is the single most important factor in this whole debacle in my opinion.

  7. Thanks for clarifying your stance Rose.

  8. Wasn’t the "securing of a puppet DA" an election where the incumbent DA (Farmer) was democratically replaced? I remember that being a surprise election result. Or was there some "bigger forces at play" then too?

  9. Been working on the answers to that one 10:12.

  10. Rose wrote, "I'm saying I don't know what to believe with regards to the reports about the man. Because I have seen behind the propaganda enough to know that everything reported has been colored.".

    I have pretty much the same feelings. I know most of what we've been hearing about Hurwitz is pretty much along the same as we've heard about the Arkleys: Accusations based mostly on blind hatred of the guy.

    What I'd like to hear is something from Hurwitz himself. It might be enlightening to see him interviewed in regards this whole issue. He doesn't seem interested, though.

    I can't help but feel his silence in defending himself and his business is deafening.

  11. Fred, when Hurwitz did decide to defend himself, he took on the FDIC and won. Same kind of deal. Huge amount of character assassination but no real substance to the FDIC lawsuit brought on by behest of enviros. Hurwitz gets painted as a nasty business player but what he is a very shrewd one in a sea of entrepreneur sharks. He just didn't stand out from all the rest. Likewise, here enviros have been painting Hurwitz the corporate raider but the man didn't follow the corporate raider model at all when he bought PL. Kept it going for 20 years in the teeth of the fiercest environmental war in the nation. And now he will probably come out ahead of the game no matter which way Palco goes.

    Few know that for three years after Maxxam bought out PL that they devoted three years to reaching a compromise with enviros? For three years no clearcutting, no herbicide spraying, and many remarkable offers of compromise made to EPIC as the lead enviro critic of PL. No response except "No Compromise", the slogan of enviros guaranteed to keep the Timber War going that promoted so many enviro careers but only cost the rest of us in Humboldt money and timber jobs. Enviros wanted a War and they got it and like the truism goes, nobody wins in war.

  12. Its nice to see posters with actual names taking a stand to support Rose. I didn't think her position of skepticism was false. The press is easily manipulated-its always to good to cross check, but this is a small market and lets face it ER and TS aren't dissimilar.

    I'd like to see how this shakes out-Hurwitz might make a candidate for living histories with KEET and 'we' may not know his side for another 100 years.

    On one hand-it isn't looking good that bankruptcy was filed in TX when it would be a hardship to the creditors. My vote is for a change of venue.

    On the other hand-Lovelace 'reaching out' to timber workers would be kind of interesting if it could be arranged in a dark alley. Hope they take you up on it Mark!

  13. Are you going to bash the workers who want to talk to Lovelace? A timber worker who talked with Hank Sims said that's what he wants to do.

    "A week or two after I talk with my lawyer, I wouldn't mind speaking to Mark Lovelace," he said.

    Some people clearly thrive off inter-community hatred, and right now hatred and calls for violence don't appear to be coming from timber workers or environmentalists.

  14. Why would anyone bash the Palco workers, heraldo?

    They are not the only resource producers at risk, though. Fishermen, farmers, and timber workers are all facing the same fate. And no one listens to them, the activists are not fighting for them. To pretend they care now, like I said, it sickens me.

  15. Rose,

    Have you ever debated in an open public forum on these issues? I'd love to hear a debate with proper representation from both sides.

    Would you ever attend Mr. Lovelace's workshop? Or are you lead to believe that you won't be taken seriously?

  16. It's like a shrud Dickens story.First I stab you in the heart,then I stab you in the back,then I say come to my hospital and trust me to heal you. All the while wearing many masks to fool you. Who was your master yesterday? Who will be your master tomorrow?

  17. Fishermen, farmers, and timber workers are all facing the same fate. And no one listens to them, the activists are not fighting for them.

    Who are "the activists?"

    I read about activists fighting for fishermen all the time. If you want to see who's ignoring fishermen go talk to FERC.

    There are farmers who are impacted by landslides and flooding in Elk River. Watershed Council has advocated for them for years.

    While some timber workers are interested in talking to Lovelace, and Lovelace is helping to put on a public workshop on the issue workers (and many others) are concerned about, your fans hope the two meet "in a dark alley." Who benefits from this inter-community hatred?

  18. 6:50PM "...I'd love to hear a debate with proper representation from both sides..."
    You forgot to finish the sentence: "...framed by us enviros".

  19. The forum would be better not hosted by Lovelace-RCAA has a few mediators. Bloodshed and violence aren't the only way to solve conflicts.

    But as Rose has pointed out and most people are on to them-EPIC hasn't acted in people friendly ways historically. EPIC is short sighted and self serving. I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears one of their ilk stating he was so happy to see 'those guys pull out the Tums'.

    That isn't the kind of workshop where people go home feeling good about themselves. Start there Heraldo.

  20. "There are farmers who are impacted by landslides and flooding in Elk River. Watershed Council has advocated for them for years."

    This is an odd statement. Usually floodplain farmers rejoice at river floodings because it replenishes the soil but here you're saying Humboldt Watershed Council has "advocated for them for years". Just what has HWC advocated for these "farmers"? That their floodplain road washouts be paid for by Palco?

  21. Heraldo, you are misinformed if you think any of the so called activist are fighting for fishermen, farmers,or ranchers. It simply isn't true. I'd be glad to give you earful after earful, just give me a call.

    I will tell you that today we successfully passed a resolution with the Del Norte Co. BOS to further protect Surf Fishermen at RNP State Parks and none of the activists supported this additional protection. In fact the usual crowd, you'd call activists spoke against us. To no avail. As we worked for surf fishing protection in HR233 I personally asked for support letters from the Dunes Forum, Friends of the Dunes, Bay Stewards, NEC,State Parks, BLM, Fish&Game, EPIC, Sierra Club, individuals in enviro groups that are in elected offices and not one of these so called activists who claim to support fishing wrote us a letter of support and in fact worked hard to kill our progress. The attacks on grazing are off the charts so don't ever try to run that phony sales pitch past me.

    My hope Heraldo is that in some not to far off future that balance, fair play, and honest concern for the economic well being of resource producers will receive the consideration they deserve. The fallacy of the "Enviro" activists is that we are unnecessary to a healthy world. Dennis Mayo

  22. Heraldo said, "Some people clearly thrive off inter-community hatred..."

    You could include yourself in that comment. Stand back and take a look at your blog. You promote "inter-community hatred." Two examples: The Arkleys and EPD.

  23. Heraldo, you are misinformed if you think any of the so called activist are fighting for fishermen, farmers,or ranchers.

    Well, again, what and who is an activist? There are lots of people advocating for fishermen. Are they not activists? Is Dennis Mayo an activist? Is Rose?

    Usually floodplain farmers rejoice at river floodings

    Not when it destroys their ability to irrigate, grow feed or keep livestock.

  24. Then why are they farming on a floodplain in the first place, Heraldo?

  25. Anybody who builds a home or road in an historic floodplain is asking for trouble if they don't expect to be flooded in Humboldt County. What I'm picking up here is Humboldt Watershed Council doing some extracurricular lawyering on Elk River floodplain residents to get them to back their legal attack on Palco.

  26. Dennis Mayo is just telling you on the ground facts of first hand experiance with people who call themselves activists and claim a concern for fishermen,farmers,ranchers.and anyone else that gets in the way of their grant funded schemes. Deal with those factual examples for once and don't run away in word game circles. If you want to have honest give and takes you'll have to make a choice and join with me. Dennis Mayo


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