Thursday, February 15, 2007

In the "you just don't get it" file

"...We must be able to trust law enforcement to use good judgment...."

I'm sorry, but does anyone at the Times Standard know WHO prosecuted Mr. Marsh? There seems to be a key name missing from their coverage. (Hint: It isn't Chief Lawson.)
Above the call -- and unnecessary
TS - Complaint demands formal apology


  1. Jeez - the TS keeps screwing up...or is this intentional?

    1) Lawson didn't prosecute Marsh, he arrested him.

    2) The DA charged Marsh.

    3) The DA tried Marsh.

    4) The DA prosecuted Marsh.

    Can't the TS ever quit covering up this idiots responsibility to the community? Why can't they get it right ever? Probably because they either can't wrap their heads around the fact that that Paul the Arrogant is an idiot or their reporter is the idiot.

  2. If the Times Standard had been doing their job all along with regards to the coverage of Paul Gallegos, this blog would never have existed.

  3. What does the original complaint sheet say? What were the original rejecting deputy's comments? How were those perceived shortcomings
    "addressed" when the DA chose to over ride that rejection?


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