Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sean Marsh - ACQUITTED

Sean Marsh not guilty on all counts, jury decides Tuesday
by Kara D. Machado, 2/7/2007

"...The not guilty verdicts were reached in a little less than half an hour of jury deliberation Tuesday..."

Is that a new record?


  1. Gosh, what a surprise!

  2. Not really. And it's not just the case. Check out Mendez's won/lost record. He's not much better than his mentor, yougo. But at least he takes cases to trial. Maybe not the right ones, but what the heck, he's trying. Boy is he trying.

  3. They ought to can Mendez and yougofree.com. Both of them can't figure out how to size up a case nor try it. Oh, but wait...they do know how to brown nose with the boss so they get pay raises they haven't earned nor deserve and we the People have to pay for this incompetence.

  4. Don't blame it on Gallegos or his incompetent staff for bowing to pressure to prosecute this for an "old school" police chief. Blame it on the jury and local society. In Humboldt County it's OK to let your kids run free like animals because they are "exploring the world" and then when you get called on it, you "question authority" and refuse to comply because you are a smug hippie jackass like the majority of people in this county.

  5. God, it's a great time to be a criminal in Humboldt County. Makes you want to go out and commit a crime - as long as it's not a petty one.

  6. You gotta be kidding me, 9:18. The man was released because there was no evidence of any wrongdoing, the DA's office had REJECTED the case, then reversed that decision - for what? Maybe to show that cops are hard-nosed bad guys? To show that Gallegos does take child abuse cases seriously? It is incomprehensible.

    Thank God for the jury.

  7. Lets ask Eric is Sean Marsh has a case for wrongful prosecution?

    If Gallegos wants to look good maybe he should dust off a few files and try some Real cases that were declined for prosecution!

    How about one of those where evidence of abuse with actual pictures OF BRUISES, A FEW DOCTOR'S REPORTS and expert testimony back up the police report for a change? Oh just try it!!

  8. Eric, who seems to have an opinion on everything, has not commented about the string of acquittals lately.

  9. Well, he was asked in another thread to stay silent on matters of ignorance, which he has emphatically and repeatedly demonstrated includes criminal law or at least criminal trials at the felony level. On the other hand a piddling little case like this is exactly his criminal ballpark, I suggest he is 1) sulking because he didn't get to defend an obvious slam dunk for the defense and 2)
    conflicted because he cannot bear to criticish the AyaPaullah and
    3)Wary of the mass of facts blogdom
    will dump on any mewling excuses he tries to spin up for the DA on this sorry state of affairs. By the way, I can see why Marsh got arrested and it's too bad he simply couldn't be taken behind the police station and given a stern talking to about not being a !*4#%**!!. Just say sorry officer, won't happen again, because the kid WAS in the street. But no, this
    is Humboldt, and it's not fashionable to respect cops, quite the opposite. I wonder what Marsh would have said if the officer was ambling by and his kid was about to be run over. Would he be upset if the cop did not leap into traffic to save the wandering imp?
    Of course he would, he would sue and wave placards. This is Humboldt.

  10. 12:34 - god thats funny!

  11. This case never should never have become a "case". It was absurd. Ferndale city council should start advertising for a new Chief. If I read the paper correctly Marsh had a public defender. Wonder how much this stupidy cost the taxpayers of Humboldt? To bad we can't advertise for a new DA.

  12. Good question. You've got the DA and a DDA, the judge, the bailiff(s), the court reporter, and the Chief times the number of days of trial. The time spent prepping the case - again the DA and DDA. the Chief, any investigators or office staff involved in preparing the case for trial. Unbelievable.

    But the higher cost is the real cases that are being ignored, rejected and plea-bargained while this shit is going on.

    I feel sorry for Jose Mendez, a Gallegos hire. His own record and reputation are tainted more every day that he spends in this office.

  13. I'm surprised Lawson doesn't resign from Ferndale P.D. Seems to me it would be pretty awkward working in a small town like that after all this. It seems most testimony from the Ferndale residents went against Lawson.

    I'd feel a bit unwelcome in town after all this. Keep in mind, this is a SMALL town we're talking about.

  14. As with protests of all kinds, the normal people were all at work. Only the socialist commie unemployed cop-haters showed up, unable to pass up the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon. Small towns and small minds..Support for the Chief will be made known in due time..

  15. As far as I remember the only DA's office win on a jury trial in the last ........ year (?) was skirt chaser Klien's win on the Steve Diinsmore case. Sad.

    Don't blame me, I voted for Worth Dikeman (twice).

  16. "Ferndale is a Cow Town!"

    That was a popular local bumper sticker a few years ago.

    Although I don't believe in all the bantor on this post, I must complement the Jack May's painting that you posted, Rose.

  17. Thank you for sharing that with us Carol.

  18. AS a wise man once said to a
    placard-waving banshee:

    "It's real nice of your boss to
    give you time off for this".

    Look on banshee's face-- priceless.

  19. great photo of Galllegos ! kind of a retarded half wit I'm confused look.

    and the receeding hairline just tops it off !

  20. its time for the old eye lift too-quick!!

  21. that's an excellent observation ! Looks like politics is aging the surfing DA.

  22. This week's Ferndale Enterprise is quite full of opinion and perspective on this case. Within hours of being acquitted, Sean filed a complaint against the police chief.

  23. Thanks for the heads up, Carol. I'll have to get a copy. How much to subscribe? It is a nice little paper.

    We're lucky to have all these community newspapers. The McKinleyville Press, the Arcata Eye, The Ferndale Enterprise.

  24. With all the gossipy free legal advise on the blogs it's not a surprise. Since this guy Marsh is an unemployed father of three I'm sure he will try a lawsuit to get some money.

    Two immature adults throwing down ends up a big expense for the county and the city of Ferdale. Not what you would call a win win situation.

    But didn't Fortuna PD already do a investigation into Chief Lawson's actions and clear him of any wrong doing? An aquital by a jury doesn't change the facts, remember OJ was aquited. The outcome of any complaint by Marsh will more than likey be the same.

    And thank you Carol for being the first one to spread this rumor, gossip, fact. I'm sure it's taken time from your busy schedule.

  25. You are welcome, Rose. I can't remember how much it costs around $30/year maybe.

    Anon 9:59. This is not gossip. I am quoting the Ferndale Enterprise who actually attended the trial. It is Saturday and I have the day off, thank you!

    Pick up a copy and read about it yourself, anon.

  26. I don't chose to get my news from the Ferndale Enterprise. But I'm happy for you.

  27. Upshot: Marsh is an ass who could not admit a mistake; Lawson had a bad moment and could not
    deal with publicly being disrespected, DA is a moron;
    Humboldt needs adult supervision.

  28. That pretty much sums it up 12:01 PM

  29. I still love the photo of Gallegos, like he's just been asked a question and has no idea on what to say.

    The nickname Chromedome is not too far away.

  30. Anon 4:23 said: As with protests of all kinds, the normal people were all at work. Only the socialist commie unemployed cop-haters showed up...

    What a load of crap. Many of the witnesses were owners of the businesses on Main Street. I can attest, none of them are even close to communists...

    The letter from the two ladies, it's not from lightweights either. Hofstetter is a retired judge and Tanner spent 14 years in the State Assembly. Face it, a verdict in 21 minutes meant about a 3 minute conversation and vote.


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