Saturday, February 17, 2007

Speaking of Child Endangerment...

Whatever happened to Marcus Smith?

"...A traffic stop led to three arrests and the removal of four children from a home where multiple loaded weapons and drugs were found....The Smiths were arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Jail on suspicion of possession of meth for sale, transportation of meth, possession of cocaine for sale, transportation of cocaine, armed while transporting narcotics, possession of a loaded firearm and possession of a concealed firearm.
The Task Force has also asked to that the Smiths be charged with maintaining a residence to distribute narcotics and child endangerment..."


  1. Here is a topic.

    Slumlords and how they affect our community. It is off topic however something which has not been addressed any where in the Blogs.
    Two unethical entities which dominate rentals in Humboldt County are PPM (Professional Property Management) and Squires properties. In future discussion we should look at their impact on our community. A Rent amounts B. What THEY allow, not the owner of the property owners. C. How they manage their properties. D. How they impact HUD monies and dictate who gets such funds. E. The impact on Humboldt County population of people who have difficulties due to legit disabilities and those who simply rent and work in the community. D. Elder Abuse and violations of the ADA Act. E. Where to go to file complaints.

    At this time a civil suit is about to filed against PPM for fraudulent business practice. Squire issues have been covered in the papers; however, no one seems to be focusing on the Heroin Hotel located across from the Shanty in Eureka and the drug dealing in open view.
    Good Citizen

  2. Some good points.

    As for Marcus Smith. He was Cheri Moore's "friend", the guy that just wanted to get her a cigarette.

    Guns, drugs, and money. You can be sure he got a sweetheart deal. No prison for Marcus. Sooo much for getting rid of the meth problem. It does pay to be on Gallegos'side.

  3. Marcus Smith was sentenced to 4 yrs prison, suspended, and 9 years of formal probation for the charges filed in the most recent case, CR065592S. For his next most recent case, CR055122S, he got 3 yrs summary probation. Any new trouble should put him on the bus. The question is, will there be any room in our overcrowded prisons?

  4. You cannot legally receive 9 yrs probation for a 4 year term. There is a cap for probation of between 3 years for most crimes or 5 years. In some serious felonies you can get probation terms for the maximum prison exposure, but only for a select few offenses. But then again, numbnuts will give an illegal sentence in order to avoid prison and put someone on probation. Does anyone remember the guy who molested 3 little girls, was facing a mandatory 15 to life per offense per child and the Idiot placed the guy on 20 years probation giving him a totally illegal sentence.

    I remember it well.

  5. 8:07 p.m., no that's not the question. The question is why somebody who's armed and transporting drugs for sale, with children along for the ride, is still in the community on probation.

    It does not seem like anybody goes to prison now, so don't worry about HumCo contributing to the overcrowding. All of our violent criminals are walking the streets.

  6. Rose is a cunt

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  10. Maybe your 'admirer' will break a blood vessel or something equally what's that word I'm looking for that sounds like we could go on to live happy and productive lives without him? hmmm...

  11. Hey Richard - looks like our Rosie gottcha big...

    Go back under your rock and next time, not so much bourbon!

  12. What does this say about the character of Gallegos supporters?

    Once again I thank Rose for her informative, accurate, and detailed blog. Sorry you have to put up with creeps like ????? dickie ?

    Carson Park Ranger, Heraldo, or Noel Adamson would just delete the ugly comments.

    Go Rose go ! You're providing a service to your community.

  13. Don't forget about the children posing with guns. Sometimes aimed at their own heads and under their chin. Mr. Smith is a gem. Glad to know he's walking among us.

  14. Well Mr. Smith is a regular at "Rags" Rackroom. And as many of you know "Rags" put on a $50 per person fundraiser for our DA during the last election. Gee Whiz, another coincidence.

  15. For the record, I am deleting over 300 of those "comments" on this and a few other posts. I left them up for awhile, but they interfere with people's ability to read the comment threads, and there are many people reading from other areas who aren't interested in Salzman and crew's shenanigans. But for the record, they are very mad. Because the criticism on this blog uses their own words, which reveal their agenda - and what they are willing to do in the name of the agenda - quite clearly


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