Thursday, February 15, 2007

Montana Meth Project

Heraldo mentioned the Montana Meth Project in his discussion on plummeting meth use in Shasta County.

I saw the Meth Project billboards in Montana last summer. They're really gritty, and really intense. I've tried describing them to people (especially the "SCABS, HALLUCINATIONS AND BODY SORES. THEN THINGS REALLY START TO GO DOWNHILL" ad, didn't realize they had TV and radio ads as well. Thanks, heraldo - They encourage you to download them. Here are just a few...

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Just once
Everything else
Junkie Den


  1. Wow. Those are some intense commercials.

  2. Imagine them billboard size. We commented how gruesome they were, and wondered if the meth problem there was worse than here, and if they were effective.

  3. I wonder about the effectiveness, too. The people in Montana seem to think they work. I hate billboards but I'm sure a giant image like the ones here would stick in some people's minds and make them think twice.

  4. Remember some of the first anti-smoking posters (late 60s or early 70s) with the unkempt woman in her bathrobe and curlers and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, and the caption "Smoking sure is glamorous" or something to that effect? There was a series. Those seem tame compared to these. I am betting they work.

  5. Todays Times-Standard had a three part article on page two, of course, on three seperate drug busts (a daily occurance in HumDope County). The first was a juvenile, 17, with a pound of pure methamphetamine. Nothing will happen to this misquided youth as he is a juvenile. The local papers refused to provide his name as he is a juvenile. Pursuant to section 676 of the Welfare and Institutions Code and Proposition 21, this juvenile's name can be provide once he is arraigned. His court hearings are also to be opened to the public the same as any adult hearing and his name should appear on a court calender for the pulic to view. This County has been in violation of Proposition 21 since it passed over ten years ago. This proposition was upheld by the CA Supremme Court, 6 to 1. I might add that the managment at your probation department were actively opposed to this proposition and to date have not compied with it. Tjhis misguided youth also had a sawed offed shotgun, ammunition for said shotgun at his home. My guess is that he is already involved in some touchy feely probation program. The next person had 15 pounds of marijuana plus 44 grams of hash and over $40,000 in cash. He was on probation at the time. How much you want to bet he has a public defender. Lastly was a 10,000 plant marijuana grow in SoHum (go figure). They had two generators, one 210 KW and the other 70 KW) seemingly enough to power a small town. Must have been a medicinal grow. Too bad for the growers that the Feds busted them. Local law enforcement was relagated to provide site security (hunnnn, I wonder why)> Unforutnately for these cultivators, they will be charged under federal law. Ten years mininmum. These pics are mild compared to what I've seen locally in dealing with addicts.
    What pray tell will our DA do. Pled away, not file, and dismiss his way through all these case. Sorry for the rant, but where does one start and end end!?!?

    signed, cann't wait to get out of HumDope County and back to America

  6. We all hear reports that people are coming here from all across the country because they have heard the DA won't do anything to them. That most indoor growers figure they have a least one "get out of jail free card" because it is unlikely that a first time offender will see any jail time.

    "..."Since I have never been arrested, I look at it like this: I have one free try. If I get popped I have to stop because I'm not going to risk my freedom. But the way the law is now, if you can afford to hire a lawyer, the first offense is just a slap on the wrist. You get to walk away and pick up your life...." North Coast Journal, How Green is the Crop?

  7. But does the pot grow explain the proliferation of meth? Not really. But are the meth dealers (or users for that matter) being prosecuted?

  8. Many of the voter here selected Gallegos for his pro-pot and anti-PL stances.

    Now, the meth problem is worse than ever, and it seems every day there is another violent crime.

    There are consequences to the voters decision. Neither the 99 plants, nor the dismissed suit have helped the community, but we will feel the effects of the misguided policies and destruction of the DA's Office for many, many years.

  9. One aspect of the problem, it seems to me, is that persons who do not respect one group of laws concerning controlled substances tend to not respect other laws concerning controlled substances. Arguably this is a result of years of misguided efforts to deal harshly with marijuana but the fact is that a significant number of Humboldt types do not consider themselves obligated to follow any laws. That's both dope-growers and tree-sitters - both like to pick and choose which laws they will obey, and both end up acting as if no laws apply to them.

  10. I think you are exactly right. It is not that marijuana is a 'gateway drug' per se, it is that once you break any inhibitions against illegal behavior, the next step is just that much easier.

  11. "...a significant number of Humboldt types do not consider themselves obligated to follow any laws."

    That's in a nut shell. The pix are pretty gross but I can provide driving directions to a location in Weitchpec for a view of the real thing subsidized by your welfare dollars. The upside is that the dopster/grower/ gangster I had a gunfight with in Nov 2004 is about to expire (quite painfully) from crank induced pancreatic and liver cancer. Almost makes this agnostic consider an epiphany.

  12. Wonder what caused that?

    Meth is made from some of the nastiest stuff around. You don't even want this stuff in your house, let alone put it in your body.

    The key ingredient in meth is a drug called pseudophedrine - that's the chemical that makes store bought cold medicines like Sudafed work. When you have a cold, this may work by itself, but when you combine it with other chemicals, it's a lethal mixture.

    Other ingredients may include:

    Iodine flakes or crystals (as found in some veterinary products); Its vapors can cause eye and skin irritation and breathing problems.

    Hydrochloric acid (one of the most acidic chemicals known to man); Breathing this junk can cause chemical burns to eyes, nose, skin, and severe respiratory problems.

    Acetone (from nail polish remover or camp stove fuel); Eating or breathing it can cause severe gastric irritation (the mother of all stomach aches), and coma.

    Lithium (usually taken out of household batteries); Skin contact of any kind can cause severe burns.

    Anhydrous ammonia (typically from fertilizer); Get a good whiff of this and you could experience severe respiratory problems, eye and mucous membrane damage.

    Red phosphorous (most likely sources: ground up matches or emergency road flares): Vapors can irritate your nose, throat, lungs and eyes.

    Sulfuric acid (that is drain cleaner): Skin contact of any kind can cause sever burns, breathing this in could result in sever lung damage.

  13. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ, have you thought about registering your blog here: One of Fred's links, Classically Liberal, is registered there. I don't think mine would fit in since it is so localized, but yours is much more nationwide...


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