Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One to watch

Judge continues McClung hearing

..."The Humboldt County District Attorney’s complaint charges McClung with four felonies, past reports indicate — false imprisonment/person used as a shield, false imprisonment, threatening crime with intent to terrorize and assault with a deadly weapon or great bodily injury force with a kitchen knife — and the misdemeanor resisting arrest or obstructing a public officer.

McClung could get up to two strikes if convicted, past reports indicate, making any future felony a third strike.

McClung is currently on a probation hold from a case that stems from a January 2003 case, in which he pleaded guilty to possessing chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine, as well as to a firearm enhancement.

With the probation penalty and fresh charges combined, McClung faces a maximum prison term of 17 years and eight months, past reports indicate...

“...We have begun a real thorough investigation and it’s put us in a position that we’ve been able to have some discussions with the District Attorney’s Office in regard to reaching an agreement in how we should proceed in this case,” (Russ) Clanton said. “There are many issues in regard to the factual aspects of this case..."

What will the deal be?

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  1. This guy fits the term "menace to society". A meth freak and more. He should be going straight to the Big House! Even if his layer is the DA's best buddy.


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