Monday, January 01, 2007

Paul Gallegos - Paying More for Less

This is on the CONSENT CALENDAR for TODAY! Tuesday, January 2, 2007. This is flat out disgusting.

Gallegos uses the fact that he has given Schwartz the Child Abuse Services Team duties to justify giving this short time employee the same status as the experienced prosecutors who have served this community for 10 + years. What child abuse case has Jeffrey "" Schwartz prosecuted? Name ONE. Name ONE.
Did you think it was just campaign rhetoric?
An utter lack of vision

And Klein has had a couple of cases. BIG DEAL. What justifies elevating these two guys to the highest paid status in the office?

Or, is Gallegos in danger of losing TWO MORE and doing this in a desperate attempt to keep them?

District Attorney
10. Advanced Step Increase for Two Deputy District Attorneys

RECOMMENDATION: Approve an advanced Step Placement for Deputy District Attorney IV, Arnold Klein, from step A to step E and approve an advanced Step Placement for Deputy District Attorney IV, Jeffrey Schwartz, from step A to step E, beginning the first bi-weekly pay period following approval.

For the meeting o£ January 02, 2007
Date: December 13, 2006
To: Board of Supervisors
From: Paul V. Gallegos, District Attorney
Subject: Advanced Step for 2.0 FTEs, Deputy District Attorney IV

That the Board of Supervisors

1. Approve an advanced Step Placement for Deputy District Attorney IV, Arnold Klein, from Step A to Step E.

Pursuant to Section 7 of the Humboldt County Salary Resolution. Effective the beginning of the bi-weekly pay period following approval. (4/5 vote required)

2. Approve an advanced Step Placement for Deputy District Attorney IV, Jeffrey Schwartz, from Step A to
Step E.
Pursuant to Section 7 of the Humboldt County Salary Resolution. Effective the beginning of the bi-weekly pay period following approval. (4/5 vote required)


General Fund: (1) FTE
Reimbursement from Health & Human Services: (1) FTE

The District Attorney hired two highly experienced attorneys at the Step 4A level to assess their skills. Since their hire both attorney's have worked double load. Mr. Klein is now assigned as a full time felony attorney responsible for all levels of felony casework including but not limited to homicide cases.Mr. Schwartz has been handling felony and misdemeanor cases for the past 8 months and now is assigned to the Child Abuse Services Team. This entails working with high intensity cases, participating in child abuse interviews and contributing as a member of the Child Abuse Services Team.

Both attorneys have exhibited the ability to proficiently perform the duties of a deputy district attorney, Step 4E.

In addition, the District Attorney has experienced a difficult time in recruiting and retaining experienced attorney staff due to non-competitive pay. It is in the best interest of the public, in order to maintain continuity of skilled and experienced attorneys at this level of caliber.

There is sufficient salary savings this fiscal year to cover the increase in salary and benefits. No additional general fund money will be requested.

Not approve the step advancement.

Consent Upon motion of Supervisor
Departmental Seconded by Supervisor
Public Hearing And unanimously carried by those members present,
Other- The Board hereby adopts the recommended action
contained in this report.
Board Order No. Dated:
Kathy Hayes, Clerk of the Board


  1. How can the board make a guy a 4 who has NEVER WON A TRIAL as a prosecutor? He's only gone to jury once, and that hung. How many CAST cases has he filed? This is a bad joke.

  2. The board will just say that if that is how this elected official wants to spend his money, so be it. I truly wish however that someone would pull it and have Paul have to go down there and answer a few questions.

    Klien has been to trial once.

    Schwartz went one time to trial and hung it.

    If this weren't so pathetic it would be funny.

  3. What happened to WatchBaykeeper?

  4. Paul can't get any good help and he has to overpay the idiots that he hired to stay with him on the "dole."

  5. So....what happened? Did the item get pulled from the consent calander and discussed???

  6. No. It is approved. You have to remember, Paul is an elected official. The only ones who can make him do his job are the voters.

    And the voters are getting what they voted for. You are now paying top dollar to two people who have not earned it, just like you were for Stoen.

    In addition - Kathy Philp and Jim Dawson, two long time investigators for the DA's office both received commendations from the Board today, as they retire - Paul did not show up to speak, or honor them in any way

    It's very telling.

  7. The board wasn't gonna pull it. It is Gags' money to spend and they just summarily approved it. Doesn't mean they like it or think that these morons can do the job.

    Remember when he asked that the ADA position be redesignated for Stoen? Same thing, they did what he wanted and told him to pay for it himself.

    What a mess. Hey the last 2 hires, one lasted less than a week and the other less than 2 months. Also very telling.

  8. Kathy Philp and Jim Dawson are better without Paul's empty words-he didn't appreciate what he had and he won't ever replace them. They know it-Paul knows it-You and I know it.

    Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.

    Hope we can make it until the next election Rose!

  9. Is Dollison-The attorney with previous disbarment for moral turpitude still with us?

  10. Very telling.

    Rose posting as anonymous on her own blog.

  11. See the visitor counter? It is set to ignore visits from MY IP address. So those are all REAL visitors who do on occasion post comments, Richard.

  12. Rose's Egregious Alliance of Losers

  13. the BOS are useless- if you don't like something or have a reservation, you have an obligation to the public and your own sence of right and wrong to at least comment on it. The only thing that seems to be important to anyone with their finger on the button of power is the all-mighty dollar. The BOS are just following the baykeeper model "due unto your pocket book while you have the chance and the people still have their eyes shut". Voting in your own pay raise or a phony lawsuite , both make the old time flim/flam man look like an honest working stiff.

  14. 3:06 pm - the answer is yes. Dollison who was suspended by the bar for MORAL TURPITUDE is still with us. As is Schwartz (aka or drink your lunch) and Klien (skirtchaser).

  15. oh, great.

  16. 9:27, dear, at least I am not using my dog's name.

  17. The lunatics are truly running the nut house. Rodoni is finding out how the so called progresives he thought were OK really work. We in the public have been on the constant recieving end of this progresive style of dEMOCRACY for years. Roger,better keep your powder dry and your body armor on. And start looking to your true allies the people.The board made up of a commie,a pink-o,a socialist,and can't we all just get along will go to "YouGoFree.Com" for guidence and advice on taping contrubution dollars before ole Roger can get his wagon circled. You get the Government by those who turn out to vote. Most of todays voters are at best socialists,they don't even know it. They really think that being a "progresive" is a good thing. Back in the 1800's the French came up with a plan that worked for a while.

  18. Honey, you named your dog anonymous?

  19. No he named his dog Sara.

  20. No,no, no! he writes letters with his dog's name!

  21. someone should tell his dog to call If he didn't get fido's permission to use his name perhaps there's some litigation here. or do I kibbel?

  22. He better watch out,maybe the dog is a French poodle with a 2007 plan. In old french,anonymous means the nameless rodents with the sickness.

  23. Well that definitely would explain Richard Salzman. Thanks!


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