Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Game Plan...

Some Basics of Activist Research

"LET YOUR CAMPAIGN STRATEGY GUIDE YOUR RESEARCH, AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Remember what it is you want, and find what information you can which supports the protection of forests. Don't get lost in the maze of databases and statistics. Information is necessary, but not in itself sufficient, to save the world's forests. In any case, the solution is not technical, but cultural and political."

Yeah. And...

"INVESTIGATE. That's what research is: slow, thorough digging and sorting and choosing and using. If you get stuck, call on the groups which provide research and information support to the activist community: DataCenter, Corporate Watch, the Public Information Network, and others listed in this booklet."

Tip o' the iceberg, man.


  1. It seems a bit odd that nobody has mentioned Mr. Paul Gallegos' new CHIEF INVESTIGATOR, Jim Dawson's replacement? I thought someone would be outraged or at lesat interested because the new CHIEF INVESTIGATOR is Jim Dawsons Son-in-Law ! Not to mention that the new CHIEF INVESTIGATOR has NO experience as an investigator!?! Strange but true. Every one of the DA's investigators has more investigation experience than the new CHIEF INVESTIGATOR! How can that be?

    And the rumors that Mr. Paul Gallegos was trying to use his position to muscle/influence the City of Eureka to hire Jim Dawson as the new chief of police at EPD? It didn't work, but he really tried.

    Then the rumor that on his 2nd day in office the new CHIEF INVESTIGATOR, his father in law, and Mr. Paul Gallegos took off to SoCal for some kind of ....... business trip ! They must have gone fishing because it seems damned fishy to me.

  2. What you have now in the DA's office is a situation where people who are qualified and respected in the law enforcement community will not apply.

    It is a consequence of people not speaking out when it might have made a difference. Now it is too late.

  3. Jeff Swartz 0, bad guys 2. That's right Jeff Hugo Swartz, the DA advanced to top step salary, has lost his second jurty trial. He has never and that is Never successfully prosecuted a case as a Deputy District Attorney. The citizens sure are getting their moneys worth with him! Oh well, what can you expect from the mess Paul Gallegos has made of the DA's office.

  4. What can you about a grand jury accusation or indictment.

  5. Are we just talking about this or someBODY going to make the call??

  6. It won't happen until there is a total collapse. Which could be sooner than we think ! The attornye PG just hired two months ago has quit. Today is his last day ! Why is it the good ones leave but Swartz and the wierdo stay ?

  7. Weirdness likes weirdness!

  8. All I know athis case is what I saw in the paper, but still...Mr. Schwartz has apparently pissed away some fairly serious cases, he goes to trial on this piece of crap? It appears from his comments in the paper that he does not understand that the prosecution has to prove that defendant did not act in self-defense. Did this get to trial because PG feels the need to show he and JS are not soft on crime? Is that a good reason for trial? What kind of evaluation or assessement is this showing? Taking crappy cases to trial is probably not as bad as dumping good cases to shirk trial, but it is not the sign of a healthy DA office.

  9. What has Jefferey Swartz done to deserve being elevated to top step?

    I recall initially Swartz stating something like he didn't need the money and was taking the job to help Paul ?

    He started out as a DA two, now he's a top step DA four! Never won a trial !!!??? Has a horrible reputation with the courts and the cops ........ and very few people seem to be upset.

  10. And why was Schwartz taking samples with Baykeeper? Is that why they got rid of Hagen? So many questions.


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