Monday, January 08, 2007

Smelling the coffee

"OUR STEETS ARE DANGEROUS. ...This is a basic fact. Our streets and our communities are starting to look very dangerous."

"The police have their hands full. Arguments that involve guns or knives or bats. Armed robberies. Stolen vehicles. High-speed chases. Drug houses that turn up arsenals of weapons. And far too many shootings. ...What is going to be done to bring back a community we can once again feel safe in?

But, but, but - I thought CRIME WAS DOWN! "We are safer as a community with Paul Gallegos as our District Attorney. ...Paul Gallegos has a vision for a safer, more just future for Humboldt County. ...Public safety is our District Attorney's number one priority, and he has proven to us that he is dedicated to that vision."

The Times Standard endorsed Gallegos because "...he was elected to bring change to the DA's office, and that he's done. He appears more concerned over prosecuting white-collar crime ...he also appeals to the strong counter-cultural aspects of the North Coast community. ...with current crime rate and suspect conviction stats breaking in Gallegos' favor."

"Is it time to gather neighborhood watch organizations? Is it time for no-tolerance crackdowns? Is it time for under-cover operations that infiltrate some of the criminal elements residing in our communities?"


  1. Great photo of PG Rose! Kind of looks like he's wondering if you believe anything he just said...

  2. Rose, crime has not gone down in some time...

    And if you want to hang out and see what really is going on, then you will see tyh picture that most of us are missing---we are in dire straights at the moment, plain and simple, I cant remember a time when people are dying all around, taken out. It's funny, we live in this but we just sit back for the next moment---shame on us....

  3. The last stats that were posted on the local blogsville last summer had crime going up in Eureka, but down in Humboldt County.

  4. At least not shame on Rose; she is calling attention to the DAs office-allowing probation and dropping charges on serious crimes. How about a Freedom of Information request on the recidivism rate of these people who were given the second chance?

    Yep, Richard-its shame on somebody-just not on ALL of us.

  5. But wait. What happened to the campaign promise of preventing crime by preventing crime.

    then again what about Vigilantism?


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