Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Once again - why leave this out?

Once again - why leave out the fact that newly appointed Chief Investigator Mike Hislop is outgoing Chief Investigator Jim Dawson's son-in law?

New DA chief investigator hired

Although he has officially retired from his post as chief investigator of the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office, Jim Dawson will be available to help mentor Eureka Police Traffic Sgt. Mike Hislop, who took over the post last week.

Dawson previously told The Eureka Reporter that he planned to retire in October 2005, but DA Paul Gallegos asked him to stay on until his replacement could be hired.

In early January, Dawson said his replacement had been hired and would be taking over as soon as his background check was completed.
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  1. Rose I have a question for you. Given that its obvious their are personal ties among law enforcement in this small community, do you think it appropriate for law enforcement to investigate itself? I am referring to the Cheri Moore shooting. You have helped expose these issues regarding the DA's office, and maybe you have something to say about the investigation that is coming up on a year old now, without action from Gallegos. IT just seems to me that if you cant keep conflicts of interest out of the hiring process, then what about investigations themselves?

  2. My opinion? The Cherie Moore investigation, as well as the Burgess and Honda shootings, has to go to the Attorney General's office. Gallegos is not unbiased when it comes to law enforcement in general, and even worse when it comes to Humboldt County Law enforcement at every level. There is a reason that every single law enforcement group in the COUNTY endorsed Worth Dikeman over Gallegos. It goes to competence, fairness, knowledge of the law and integrity.

    While he is at it, the NEW Attorney General, Jerry Brown should also look at every past complaint his office has received about Gallegos, and consider the preponderance of evidence that his office needs to look into what is going on here. That's what I think.

  3. Rose, what can you tell me about Jim Dawson? I've heard the name a couple times but never any details. Where is he from? How old, etc. Just curious. Thanks.

  4. Dawsons been around a long time. Started at APD ,Ithink. Went to investigations more than 20 years ago. He did lie detecter tests as well. Seems like a very low key fellow. He is active in his church and again is a very low key. He might be 60 yrs. but maybe not quite.

  5. Aditionally, Chief D. was once one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.

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  7. AG "Moonbeam" investigating Gallegos? Wow, am I ever pleased to have fled Kalifornia/Humboldt.
    My last contact with (governor) moonbeam was having him driven home by LA Sheriff deputies to Linda Ronstadt's Malibu pad drunk after having run a LAPD roadblock on PCH due to a mudslide in 1978. He tore out the oil pan on her Mercedes running over rocks from the slide. He was/is an obnoxious jerk.

  8. There's not much hope is there, ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ.
    I've been told that this is all considered to be politics. So it doesn't matter to the AG one bit.


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