Friday, January 26, 2007

Strike two

Wonder what kind of plea deal this woman was offered?

If I'm the defense attorney, I'm looking at Jeffrey "" Schwartz's trial record and thinking "forget the plea deal, I'll take my chances and go for getting off completely."

Schwartz was recently leapfrogged into the DA's top pay scale, despite the fact that, as the DDA in charge of child abuse prosecutions, he has failed to bring a single child abuse case to trial, and has lost the two cases that he actually had to take to jury trial. Two trials since being hired.

Thus this blog's 'slogan,' Paul Gallegos, Paying More for Less.


  1. Right on target Rose. Swartz's performance and record in court is patheic. His being jumped to top step DDA is just short of criminal, maybe criminal ?

    With the "at will" status of Humboldt County Deputy DA's Gallegos can fire attorney's for no reason. With Swartz he has an employee continually screwing the pooch, and by that I mean pleaing everything away for peanuts and when someone won't take the sweetheart deal and he actually goes to trial he Loses ! So to punish Swartz for poor work performance he gets a pay raise? Is that what Gallegos calls "doing more with less".

    Are we to believe that simply by putting Mr. Swratz, of fame, in charge of child abuse case that he has prevented child abuse cases ? Like Gallegos statement about preventing crime by preventing crime. Not charging criminals and giving sweetheart deals to other is not preventing crime.

  2. And the final turd in the punchbowl is Schwartz, after the jury finds not guilty in under an hour (per the
    article) quoted in that article as saying, even after the vwerdict, that the
    DEFENSE explanation was ridiculous. Sir, if you can't keep the jury out for so much as an hour, after a trial that took how long? you might consider that indeed, if the jury found something or someone ridiculous,
    IT WASNT THE DEFENSE. This, truly, is something new in the realm of the absurd. Or, in the realm of our DA, just another day at the office.

  3. I said this on another thread but...this sounds like a really crappy case that should never have gone to trial. My concern is not that JS in an incompetent boob who does not have any idea what he is supposed to be doing (any doubt about that should be dispelled by his comments about the verdict as quoted in the paper) so much as there dos not appear to be any reasonable kind of evaluation going on at the DA. Schwartz pisses away a case where a woman was brutally raped over a drug debt by a group of South county thugs but takes this case to trial? Why was it felt necessary to convict this woman of a felony? Is she some kind of thrat to the community? Or is PG trying to show he is not soft on crime? One of the things that a prosecutor has to do is evaluate cases - taking crappy cases to trial shreds a prosecutor's credibility with the defense bar, jourors, and the judges. Not that JS had any credibility from what I hear.

  4. Swartz has no credibility whatsoever ! Not withthe cops, not with the courts, and not with the defense bar. Swartz is lazy, not experienced like you would expect with all the time he has been a lawyer, and he is not supportive of the cops, the victims, the citizens in general. His moral compass seems to point S. by SW.

  5. He's a laughingstock. The judges, the defense attorneys, the bailiffs

    But wait, which DDA could that be? Maybe ALL of them?

  6. Except Truitt. In another "now you see 'em, now you don't" he's gone as of last Friday. Any explanation, Mr. DA? Even a guy who has seen it all from the perspective of a defense lawyer didn't know how bad it was until he got inside.

  7. Reading Jeffy-Poos letters to the editor in the Arcata Eye is reason enough to laugh at the guy. But to know he is a DA, with a high paygrade just makes me sad on the inside.

  8. And don't forget about Alan (the forger of court documents suspended by the bar for moral turpitude) Dollison. He also just lost another trial. That one was a rape trial out of ferndale...guess he should feel proud that the jury was out 2 hours instead of yougofree's 1 hour.


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