Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The 'peaceful Buddhist' and the murder trial

Interesting report from John Chiv on the Ferrer jury selection process: ◼ Juan Ferrer invoking auspices of Krishna before his upcoming jury trial? - John Chiv/Words Worth
Juan Ferrer who has been described by his defense attorney as a peaceful Buddhist, had a photo similar to the image (at the link) of Hindu deity Krishna playing the flute with a cow placed in front of him on the table in the courtroom.... Ferrer is charged with the murder of Arcata chef Douglas Anderson-Jordet.
Peaceful Buddhists are supposed to be averse to killing, not even killing gnats, or mosquitos.

Whatever else happens here, there's been no dispute about who stabbed the chef. Just a dispute as to why. No dispute that this guy and his friends left the chef to die. Just some dispute as to why.

And, a message from the victim's family:

Dear Mr. Chiv, - John Chiv/Words Worth

...Mr. Ferrer took Douglas’ life (a point Mr. Ferrer does not dispute) and now he and his attorney are trying to smear Douglas character in an attempt to invent a plausible defense. We find this particularly shameful.... (There's more, and it is well worth your time, if you've been following the case.)