Thursday, April 23, 2015

Incompetence moves up the chain

Backers of legal marijuana face challenges in crafting a ballot measure - LA Times

Although the state’s multibillion-dollar marijuana industry does “immense” environmental harm, he said, state oversight could diminish the damage.

“We need to see this problem as an opportunity to develop a regulatory scheme,” Gallegos said.

It's no secret Paul's handlers wanted to move him up the chain. Looks like they found an opportunity. If this is the quality Gavin Newsom brings onto his has to wonder who he's listening to. So now he's got a guy saying they need to develop a regulatory scheme (that's rich) who lost grants, lost half his staff, and left an ungodly mess in the DAs Office. It's comical really. Maybe Newsom ought read the Grand Jury report and do a little research.