Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Interested to see HOW THIS GETS TREATED, 2 Million dollar bail set, bail be paid by legit sources.

Bail raised to 2 million for Kailan Meserve charged with kidnap, rape by force and other serious charges; DA will insist bail be paid by legitimate sources - John Chiv/Words Worth

Kailan Meserve who was busted for sexual battery, forcible rape, oral copulation and more is Dave Meserve's son - John Chiv/Words Worth

Former Arcata City Council member Dave Meserve was in court this morning. His son is charged with 17 counts including threats to commit crime resultung in death, first degree burglary, forcible oral copulation (several counts), sexual battery, kidnap to commit robbery, penetration by a foreign object and assault with a deadly weapon. A criminal protective order has been served on him.

It's obviously being taken seriously. Very sorry for Dave Meserve and his family.

(By how it gets treated, I am talking about media and commentariat, vs how other cases with high profile parents have been treated vis-a-vis respect. IN case you were wondering.)

UPDATE: May 5, still no coverage.

Rest of media covers hearings on Trevor Bohn who did not face charges yet ignores any coverage of Dave Meserve's son or Hezekiah Allen - John Chiv/Words Worth