Thursday, April 23, 2015

The evolving story, the texts are particularly damning

Watching his client's case tank, defense attorney in Ferrer case takes an unprofessional swipe at the prosecution in an outburst in court - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 23, 2015
DDA Roger Rees continued to build a successful case on the third day in the jury trial where Juan Ferrer is charged with the murder of Arcata chef Douglas Anderson-Jordet. KEEP READING
A lone hiking sandal, blood and urine near the sidewalk and glasses; Anderson-Jordet died alone on the streets of Arcata less than 2 blocks away from making it home - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 22, 2015
The rest of Detective Ortega's testimony was a very detailed description on how they identified Ferrer and his two friends, how they obtained the two videos from Humboldt Clothing and ReMax, how they tracked the timeline of the events leading up to the parties path's crossing. At the end of his direct testimony, Mr. Rees had Detective Ortega mark all the significant spots mentioned in his testimony: where the body was found, the bars were located, the businesesses that gave the video surveilance and the location of the Crew house.
Lawyers in fatal stabbing case spar over ‘reasonable doubt’ - Paul Mann/Mad River Union Apr 21, 2015
D.A.: ‘Ferrer ran and hid’ - Paul Mann/Mad River Union Apr 21, 2015
Text messages obtained by police include:
• “Long as that weapon don’t come up I think we are cool.”

• “Only my sister aside from you and soph and my fam are gangster no snitching.”

• “You think we’re clear?”

• “Clear enough. Not (cq) witnesses besides us.”

• “Word thanks brother.”
The defense attorney's job, of course, is to get his guy off.

"Only my sister aside from you and soph and my fam are gangsters no snitching" - John Chiv/Words Worth
Opening arguments in the Juan Ferrer jury trial this morning paint two completely different sides of the man charged with the death of Arcata chef Douglas Anderson-Jordet, which occurred when he was stabbed by Ferrer in November 2013.

...DDA Roger Rees gave a very powerful opening statement in which he played an audio recording where Ferrer's own words contradict a self-defense claim and his own texts incriminate him. Showing pictures of "Doug", Mr. Rees made a far more effective opening to the jury. The above quote is from a text between Juan Ferrer and his friend Nicholas Stiober, who was originally charged as a co-defendant and plead out to simple assault.
Rees: "Without that video, we would never know the defendant was responsible for Doug's death," - John Chiv/Words Worth
You are here because that defendant killed that man, killed him right here in the streets of Arcata and left him to die". That is how DDA Roger Rees ended his very powerful opening statement to a four women, 8 man jury with five alternates, which includes one woman this morning.
Reavis: "However Mr. Jordet was to his family and friends, what Mr. Ferrer knew was a drunk, homophobic individual"; defense claims "he fell on that knife" - John Chiv/Words Worth
Defense states Arcata chef fell on knife in Ferrer trial opening statements - Will Houston, Eureka Times-Standard

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