Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The former co-defendant (the girlfriend) speaks (UPDATED)

As you saw in yesterday's post, this case has received a lot of attention. It's stirred controversy, and had its twists and turns. If you believe that the victim was yelling at the soon-to-be killer, it's a case of men behaving badly, and it didn't need to end this way. Ferrer should have laughed and kept walking. But by his own admission, he didn't. It is a shame. And I suspect he will pay for his 'fatal' mistake. Read John Chiv's complete coverage, at the link.

Defense forensic pathologist bolsters prosecution argument in Ferrer case, saying if Anderson had received medical help immediately, he could have survived - John Chiv/Words Worth May 6, 2015 (UPDATE)
DDA Rees has destroyed Ferrer's credibility, he has poked holes in Rocheleau's credibility and if the trend continues with Stoiber, the defense case is looking very bleak at this point.
Possible witness tampering in Ferrer case? - John Chiv/Words Worth May 6, 2015 (UPDATE)
DDA Rees exposes yet another key defense victim and Ferrer's former girlfriends's testimony; even on direct her testimony further sinks Ferrer's defense case - John Chiv/Words Worth May 6, 2015 (UPDATE)
"Would you call it a violent punk night?" Sophie Rocheleau's denial later called out on cross by DDA Rees by showing a facebook post - John Chiv/Words Worth May 6, 2015

Ferrer defense witness 3 and 4 don't make much of a difference - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 29, 2015
No one except Ferrer, Stoiber and Rocheleau were at the altercation. Anderson is dead. That leaves Ferrer whose credibility is toast due to his own actions and words. Character witnesses can't rehabilitate that damage.
She saw the open knife in Ferrer's hand and he said, "we need to get rid of this and I saw him toss it somewhere" - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 29, 2015
Rocheleau said they walked away from Anderson at a fast pace and could hear "incoherent yelling" from Anderson. When they turned at 12th Street, "Joey stopped and said, 'Oh shit, I think I stabbed him.'." Rocheleau said both her and "Nick were like, what? I didn't believe it; it's not what I saw. It didn't seem plausible."
"Oh shit, I think I stabbed him", is what Ferrer said to Sophie Rocheleau who made a very credible witness for the defense today but her truthful testimony further shows Ferrer's isn't telling the whole truth
Law enforcement and the DA's office has maintained that Stoiber and Rocheleau were truthful in their testimony from day one. Court took a short break and when Rocheleau walked out, she briefly glanced at Ferrer who did not eveen acknowledge her.
U guys were going to put the beat on him" ; "Do you think Doug's family wishes he could have the luxury to go home?" Deputy District Attorney Rees asks Juan Ferrer - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 29, 2015
On a brief re-cross, DDA Rees brought that statement up and said, "Do you think Doug's family wishes he had the luxury to go home?"

Ferrer snapped at Mr. Rees, "I knew you would bring that up. That is a stupid question to ask."

And that is the image Ferrer left the jury with this morning.
Even when given a chance to express remorse for his actions on the stand, Ferrer calls Douglas Anderson "rabid jackal" - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 29, 2015
Two family members drove all night to be here for the trial of the man who denies killing Douglas Anderson - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 29, 2015
One thing I know, Doug was loved.
Considering the history of this case: Yesterday's post includes the links to coverage by John Chiv, KIEM, The Mad River Union, Times-Standard and Lost Coast Outpost

Ferrer’s girlfriend testifies she saw him punch stabbing victim - Will Houston/Times-Standard 4/29/15
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