Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What a sweet deal

So we'll drop the attempted murder charge if you agree to waive your prelim...

What? Why?

This does not look good. Certain things should be avoided when the defense attorney is related to the Assistant DA... is the first reaction to this news. Seriously.

Silverio Sanchez preliminary waived; attempted murder charge dropped

DDA Zach Curtis stipulated with Silverio Sanchez's attorney, Mr. Ben McLaughlin, to drop Count 1 which is the attempted murder charge and the special allegation associated with it and Sanchez agreed to waive the preliminary hearing.

..."Our aim this morning was to get the attempted murder charge dropped and to litigate the rest of the trial," Mr. McLaughlin told me after the hearing. "By waiving the preliminary hearing, we are not acknowledging that Mr. Sanchez was driving the vehicle."


  1. How is the defense attorney related to the ADA?

  2. http://humboldtmirror.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/gallegos-loses-a-deputy-but-gains-a-potential-new-scapegoat/

    "Conversation must have been interesting around McLaughlin’s dinner table tonight, given that his wife is Assistant District Attorney Kelly Neel. Will McLaughlin tuck it up between his legs and ask for his job back, or will Gallegos’s second-in-command join her husband in the pursuit of new opportunities?"


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