Monday, October 06, 2014

Ferrer: The saga goes on. The next court date is October 22 at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 4.

Disposition reached for Stoiber, all decisions delayed another 2 weeks in Ferrer case - John Chiv/Words Worth


  1. First, the DA's office has screwed this case up every way possible. How could all evidence not have been produced? Absurd. And Okin's client, if the paper is to be believed, is not charged with stabbing the victim. So why wasn't his claim that he needed those x-rays challenged? Probably the paper got it wrong, but everything about this case so such a disaster because PVG.

    1. The standard for discovery is pretty low. Anytime a DA is arguing a Defendant should not get discovery, that is a losing argument. Also, Stoiber is charged with Assault (not the Murder, you are correct), but if you are saying that the Defendant is not entitled to the medical evidence of the crime he is charged with, well good luck with that. Tell it to the Judge. The real issue is that a DA Investigator could obtain these x-Rays in about 24 hours, so no excuse that they have not been produced. (Ahh, too busy chopping down Marijuana is the excuse.) PVG is a disaster. This is the culture of the office. They need new, more and better attorneys. I hope the 2 new additional attorneys that come in do a better job.

  2. Anonymous by the two additional attorneys, you would not be hinting at Wes Keat and Andrew Isaacs returning.

    No one would be shocked if that happens.

    Based on Paul's attendance record, he will skip the next hearing. It will get continued another two weeks, then he will show up and say the same thing. He thought all discovery was provided and he will get right on it.

    Paul would not be handling this case if Arnie had not created a media circus with the first plea deal and got it vacated. He did not clarify other family members objected to the deal, not the ones who agreed. Months later, better or worse result?

    1. John you seem to have a personal grudge against Mr. Klein. Thank god Mr. Klein stepped in when he did to ensure the victim's family received their due process. Mr. Klein would not have had to do this if Firpo and the DA's Office had been doing their job all along. I can not believe you actually are still trying to brush this whole case fupa on Mr Klein. Give it up... he did the right thing!

    2. Anonymous, you give it up. Use your real name since you seem to question me and defend Arnie.

      You will not because then your motives and association with Arnie can be questioned.

      The only personal grudge is the one Arnie has against people who are not fooled by him.

      He was vitriolic and personal in this election campaign. He is someone who solicited information in his weekly lunches and calls to Deputy DAs long after he left the office in his hatred of certain people.

      How do I know? Because these happened when he was trying to get my help with his pathetic run for office.

      The fact that he screwed up this case is not just my opinion.

      Either you are a friend of his or someone related to the victim who has no idea of local court politics and Arnie.

      There is a lot I know about a lot of behind the scenes about court about the people and their motives.

      Where is Arnie now, with the election over? Did he do the "right thing" for free.

      He did never answer those questions in print, on facebook, in person or here. But his defenders have no problem blogging about others.

    3. "There is a lot I know about a lot of behind the scenes about court about the people and their motives. "

      Huh? Very awkwardly written to say the least.

    4. Anonymous, it's in secret code that trolls cannot see.

    5. Hmm, so these "trolls" are literate, while you are... illiterate?

      Makes sense to me. Thanks.

  3. John, I've heard the rumors about Issacs, but not Keat. Do you have a good source regarding this?

    1. I do not have any verification of either,
      anonymous. But the looks and avoidance when I mention this says it all.

      The only person who would know for sure would be Maggie and I will respect and wait for her to announce when she is ready.

      It has been great to see her on the second floor and January 2014 cannot come soon enough.

  4. John or chiv. By "stating your name" does that somehow validate one's option? I don't for one need your acceptance of my comments and I hope that you would respect one's freedom of speech. who gave you the authority to be the Gestopo of free speech. I for one am glad Mr. Klein helped this family get justice in making sure the law is followed by all parties. Put yourself in the families place and tell me honestly you would not want justice for your family? All politics aside because I can care less about politics but do care about our justice system being manipulated and one the few who can afford to pay for justice receive it.


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