Monday, October 06, 2014

Eddie Lee Case: Quentin Williams history of lewd act with a minor, choking his girlfriend and false imprisonment revealed on the stand

If you believe Quentin Williams, he is an informant for the Humboldt County DA's office trying to help fellow inmates he befriends and get justice for victims of heinous crimes with his connections. In a courtroom, he performs and is very entertaining. - John Chiv/Words Worth

...The defense in the Eddie Lee trial painted him as a dangerous predator who rapes and hurts women.

Today he exited stage left, maybe his swan song as an informant, after Eddie Lee's attorney, Mr. Darryl Stallworth, was done examining him on cross. Williams testified yesterday that Lee confessed to aiding in the murder of William Reid and that "he bbqed" Reid's body....


  1. Defense did a good job. Sometimes, attorneys with vulnerable witnesses file motions to limit cross, especially when dealing with events over ten years old. What they can't keep out, they put in themselves. Seems this prosecutor did not try to limit cross, and did not air out the dirty laundry that was coming in before cross. But there's probably a good reason for giving the defense as much material as possible to work with. Probably.

  2. Quentin Williams was believed in the Bodhi Tree case, and among other things didn't Lee tell Williams where the victim's body was buried and lo and behold that is where they found him. He was telling the truth then. Sounds like a defense of smoke and mirrors.

  3. Did the defense in Tree go into the same stuff as the defense in this case in cross-examining Williams? Because if so the prosecutor here should have gotten there first. If not, why not? I don't remember any reporting on this kind of cross of Williams in Tree.

  4. Don't know. Didn't sit through the Tree trial. According to Chiv, the Cross on witnesses in Tree was laborious and never-ending. If a prosecution's witness is in fact a Child Molester, a Defense attorney would be committing Ineffective Assistance of Counsel to NOT bring this stuff up. It is also clear that PVG is just going through the motions on this case and is going to allow this kid to either walk or hang. You are correct that most if not all of this stuff could have been effectively objected too. Oh well. My point you can say all you want about Williams past, but if the information that he provided was spot-on accurate, then he should be believed. That is what PVG needs to hammer home. I doubt he will...Justice in Humboldt...

    1. The difference between the defense in the Eddie Lee case and the Bodhi Tree case are numerous.

      Eddie Lee has a defense attorney who does his homework. Eddie Lee is a more sympathetic defendant.

      Eddie Lee's defense attorney does not waste time on gag orders, useless objections, and uses cross examination effectively.

    2. Yes, Defendants who "bbqed" murder victims are always sympathetic. What's the argument on that one? Well he was already dead so what difference does it make if we barbecued him, he never felt it. I could be wrong, but Jurors might figure that the victim was barbecued to make it harder to prove a murder. Kind of makes you look really guilty...doubt Gallegos will figure out this argument, but one can hope!

    3. Why don't you attend the trial ? If you have not, your opinion is based on selective data.


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