Friday, October 10, 2014

Because everyone should take advice from a known liar

Profit Motive - Richard "R Trent" Salzman/LoCo

Yeah, the guy who creates phony names, shadowy groups, attack pieces mailed in plain brown wrappers, and who sneaks around in the dark of night sticking attack stickers on parking meters - yeah, that guy - wants to tell you how to vote. How to run your business. How to see the world is you're an employee.

The only question is - are you that stupid?

'Cause he's not gonna be there for you when you lose your job, or your employers closes his doors.


  1. Rose has been infatuated with Salzman for years. Keeps her busy. I'm not sure which person is more annoying.

    1. Right now it is a tie between you and Salzshit.

      Despite losses, he still hangs around. Maybe he is the one with the crush?

  2. Dickie must have gotten a memo from Move on to earn his paycheck and Hank Sims was happy to oblige.

  3. Fuck dick salzman. He is such a disingenuous slime. No morals. Nothing but infatuation with himself.


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