Friday, July 29, 2011

A win

Arcata man gets maximum sentence in child sex abuse case

A Humboldt County judge sentenced an Arcata man on Wednesday for the continual sexual abuse of a minor, dissuading the minor from testifying against him and committing a felony while out on bond.

W. Bruce Watson sentenced Wayne Thomas Bukowski, 37, of Arcata, to 20 years, eight months in prison -- the maximum sentence allowed by law. Bukowski is also required to register as a sex offender for life.

This case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Kelly Neel.


  1. No congratulations in evidence but no backseat critique either so its a wash?

  2. Did you miss the Good Boy Paul tag?

  3. Draconian punishment when murderers go free in seven years. This just reflects the stupidity of reactionaries who never study sociological statistics and go with the witch hunters preying on emotional reactions instead of reasoning based on what works and what doesn't.

  4. Somewhat off topic but I hear Wes Keat is retiring. Opinions vary, but I think he's been the only reason that office has not completely dissolved into anarchy.

  5. Wes Keat is gone, Friday was his last day.

    It will be interesting to see how the office looks in 6 months. Maybe Paul will bring back Tim Stoen? Or Jeff ( Schwartz?

    In spite of the lack of leadership and questionable leader, the DA's office has a couple hardchargers. But Anonymous 3:42 PM has a good point.

  6. I for one would like to thank Mr. Keat for his many years of public service. I think that the community is better because he was here, and I fear for what may happen without him.

  7. Wes is an enabler, and is one of many who, had they spoken up, could have had an effect. Yes,he is due credit, and lots of it, for holding things together, but, he is also responsible for great harm, and I think he knows it. No kudos from me.


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